Between heavenly observation + pervasive sensing in Hayley Silverman’s The Living Watch Over the Living at VEDA, Sep 29 – Dec 1

28 September 2017

Hayley Silverman presents solo exhibition The Living Watch Over the Living at Florence’s VEDA gallery opening September 29 and running to December 1.

Developed especially for the architecture of the space, the New York-based artist will create a ‘mythic tableau in glass’ where two marionettes made of translucent material will hang beside a suspended bird and in front of an abstract landscape painted onto the wall.

Made of blown-glass, the installation brings together Silverman’s research of the technological and spiritual to “draw parallels between heavenly observation and pervasive sensing, otherwise known as big data.” 

Visit the VEDA gallery website for details.**


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#YOLO as a functional proposition in painting + techno in group show CORE​ ​REMISSION at Berlin’s g_rund, Sep 30 – Oct 26

28 September 2017

The CORE​ ​REMISSION group exhibition is on at Berlin’s gr_und, opening September 30 and running to October 26. 

Curated​ ​by​ ​Penny​ ​Rafferty and with a musical​ ​score​ ​by​ ​Kashev, the show includes work by Maximilian​ ​Arnold,​ ​Marco​ ​Bruzzone,​ ​Stefan​ ​Behlau,​ ​Zander​ ​Blom, Jessica​ ​Groome,​ ​ David​ ​Gaupp-Maier,​ ​ ​Nicholas​ ​Pittman,​ ​Johannes Mundinger, and more.

Through the mediums of painting and techno, the exhibition will bring together work that explores abstraction through the concept of YOLO. The press release, a text musing on these ideas and written by Rafferty, notes the exhibition “by its very nature is temporary and queer, much like gossip, thus it remains a functional proposition. Be it a colour field or a re-verb the process of abstraction is ultimately an extension of the customary room with a view, a suicide of the now, a stage-death that just stood up for the encore. #YOLO.”

Other participating artists include ​ Juliana​ ​Cerqueira​ ​Leite,​ ​Duncan​ ​Passmore,​ ​Mickael Marman,​ ​Marlene​ ​Stark​ ​and​ ​Jonas​ ​Schoeneberg.

Visit the gr_und website for details.**

Marco​ ​Bruzzone​, ‘Mosse and Mossette (Studio per un Set di Emoji ispirati al Bacterio di E.Sottsass)’ (2016) Courtesy the artist + Gillmeier Rech, Berlin
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Lu Yang synthesizes personal mythology + neuroscience in upcoming solo show at Beijing’s M Woods

27 September 2017

Lu Yang presents solo exhibition at Beijing’s M Woods opening in October and running to February, 2018.

Showing three new commissions as well as a selection of earlier works, the artist will install a body of sculpture and video that brings together her “inter-disciplinary research into neuroscience and cross-cultural religious iconography.” 

Influenced by the language of Japanese video games, she uses personal mythology to transcend conceptions of gender and nationality. In an aqnb feature on Beijing-based artists, Anna-Viktoria Eschbach describes her practice as “boundary-pushing multimedia works that explore neuroscience, mortality and religion.”

Visit the M Woods website for details.**



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How to Read presents an evening of friendship, art + mainly gossip in TALK with Linda Rosenkrantz + co. at The Standard LA, Sep 26

26 September 2017

Hard to Read presents TALK with Linda Rosenkrantz and co. at Los Angeles’ The Standard on September 26. 

The evening will revolve around a performance and reading by the author on her conversational novel Talk (1968). Rosenkrantz will also be in conversation with three performers; Beau Rice (author of Tex), actress Dasha Nekrasova who will be playing character ‘Emily,’ and Sarah Nicole Prickett who is founding editor of Adult Magazine.

Hosted by Fiona Alison Duncan, Hard to Read is a lit series taking place at Hollywood’s Standard Hotel. This event will look at “friendship, art, and gossip, but mostly gossip.” 

Visit the Hard to Read website for details.**

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Superflux: The Future(s) of Power kicks off first event with ‘Power, Politicians and the People’ at Somerset House Studios, Sep 26

26 September 2017

New series SuperfluxThe Future(s) of Power at London’s Somerset House Studios will take place on September 26.

The first event ‘Power, Politicians and the People’ will look at “how we can work towards a different politics in a world where lobbying, a highly partisan media, and poor voter turnout plague our democracy,” and features speakers Aviah Day of Sisters Uncut, Dr Catherine Haddon from the Institute for Government, Indy Johar from Project 00 and Dark Matter Labs and journalist Jacques Peretti.

With four sessions in total, the Superflux series invite speakers to explore the “future of representation, governance and democracy.” The talk will go live online at 18:45 London time here.

Visit the Somerset House website for details.**

‘Superflux: The Future(s) of Power'(2017) Courtesy Somerset House Studios, London
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Unpacking transdisciplinary prose + remixed poetics in Cc: Soft John Poetics at Berlin’s gr_und, Sep 26 + 27

26 September 2017

The Soft John Poetics and Hard John Poetics dualevent at Berlin’s gr_und is taking place on September 26 and 27.

Run by Cc:, the first event Soft John Poetics on September 26 is part of a monthly event looking at poetics and includes contributions by CA Conrad, Caspar Heinemann, Zoe Darsee, Zan de Parry, Fette Sans, Alex Turgeon and others to be announced shortly. 

The second event, Bcc: Hard John Poetics on September 27, aims to “critically unpack hard transdisciplinary Prose and remixed Poetics that both forfeit and rejoice in Aesthetic discourse today” by an open discussion, open platform format. 

gr_und is a nonprofit space dedicated to hosting exhibitions, workshops, live web radio and other formats to re-adjust the “status quo of the commercial art world.”**

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Displacement, dislocation + anarchy at this year’s ‘Platform’-themed Deptford X Festival, Sep 22 – Oct 1

22 September 2017

The Deptford X Festival is on at venues across South London, opening September 22 and running to October 1.

The theme of the 10-day program is titled ‘Platform,’ featuring five emerging artists who this year include Evan Ifekoya, Project O, Sam Austen, Sisters From Another Mister and Tom Ireland. Nominated by a panel of artists, curators and writers, each participant will produce new work for an outdoor installation at sites around the English capital’s district of Deptford. There will also be a special project by D.A.T.A. (Deptford Anarchist Tapestry Association), where they will confront displacement and dislocation through the famous Deptford symbol of the anchor.

There will also be a number of tours, artists talks and fringe exhibitions running, including The Ambient Intelligence group exhibition at Enclave, with work by Joey HolderAnna Mikkola and Jenna Sutela, as well as Goldsmiths Open Studios.

Visit the Deptford X website for details.**

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Slime moulds, submarine creatures + migrating birds in Ambient Intelligence at Enclave, Sep 21 – Oct 1

21 September 2017

The Ambient Intelligence group exhibition is on at London’s Enclave, opening September 21 and running to October 1.

Bringing together slime moulds, submarine creatures and migrating birds, the show looks at “processes of emergence of non-neuronal and expanded forms of intelligence, both in nature and technology” and features work by Joey Holder, Anna Mikkola and Jenna Sutela. 

There will also be accompanying events, including a performance by Rachel Cheung ‘Corporeal Computation’ on September 28 and 29, as well as ‘New Ecological Paradigms’ lectures by Aslak Aamot Kjærulff, Alexandra Anikina and Inigo Wilkins, and a screening of Air Kiss (a film by Karina Golubenko, Egor Kraft, Alina Kvirkveliya and Pekka Tynkkynen). 

The event is part of Deptford X Fringe 2017.

Visit the FB event page for details.**

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Zach Blas confronts the growing hegemony of the internet with a new queer science fiction film at Gasworks, Sep 21 – Dec 10

21 September 2017

Zach Blas is presenting solo exhibition Contra-Internet at London’s Gasworks, opening September 21 and running to December 10.

A newly commissioned queer science fiction film installation ‘Jubilee 2033’ will be premiered, as well as works in animation, vinyl text and other moving image and “confronts the growing hegemony of the internet.” The opening night will also feature a talk/tour by Blas.

The exhibition dives into the “accelerated capitalism, surveillance and control” that moves throughout the contemporary internet, and approaches science fiction and technology through a queer and feminist lens to sift through the past, present and future. Set in Silicon Valley in 2033, the work (and title) is a play off of Derek Jarman’s seminal queer film Jubilee (1973).

Visit the Gasworks website for details.**

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Puncturing the dominating + standardized art circuit with the last episode of Everything We See Could Also Be Otherwise… at The Showroom, Sep 20 – Nov 11

19 September 2017

The Everything We See Could Also Be Otherwise (My Sweet Little Lamb) group exhibition is on at London’s The Showroom, opening September 20 and running to November 11.

Curated by What, How & for Whom (WHW), Kathrin Rhomberg and Emily Pethick in collaboration with the Kontakt Art Collection, the show takes its starting point with the Vienna-based collection, featuring seminal pieces by Mladen StilinovićJúlius KollerVALIE EXPORT and Geta Brătescu among others. It also creates a conversation with more contemporary works by Nika DubrovskyTim EtchellsVlatka HorvatDavid MaljkovićOscar Murillo and others.

The London iteration of the project is the final stage, with previous episodes shown in Zagreb, each contradicting and reinforcing the others. Bringing together “geographically and poetically heterogeneous artist practices,” the exhibition attempts to “punctuate standardized presentations and interpretations of works that have dominated international art circuits over the last few decades” with disorder and progressive re-imaginings. 

Visit the The Showroom website for details.**

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Sex, authorship + institutions in the digital age for Young Boy Dancing Group’s Euro Tour starting in London, Sep 16 + 17

15 September 2017

The Young Boy Dancing Group Euro Tour begins with Festival Hyperlocal at London’s Cafe Oto on September 16 and Kunstraum on September 17.

The tour follows on to Berlin, Basel, Milan, Lisbon, Porto and Madrid, and features the “loose performance collective” who is Tomislav Feller, Nils Amadeus Lange, Maria Metsalu, Ofelia Jarl Ortega, Vincent Riebeek, Nicolas Roses and Manuel Scheiwiller.

Each show changes depending on the venue and improvisation, but explores scenes that address contemporary “sexuality, authorship, institutionalisation, digital age, fetishes, contemporary dance and visual culture.”

Visit the Young boy dancing group website for details.**

Young Boy Dancing Group (2016) Chart Art Fair, Copenhagen. Photo: David Stjernholm
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What is A Good Neighbor? Levels of distance + intimacy in the 15th Istanbul Biennial, Sep 16 – Nov 12

15 September 2017

The 15th Istanbul Biennial A Good Neighbour is taking place at venues across the Turkish city, opening September 16 and running to November 12.

Curated by artist duo Elmgreen & Dragset (Michael Elmgreen and Ingar Dragset), the curatorial premise poses a series of questions asking if a good neighbor is, “a stranger you don’t fear,” “from a neighboring country,” and “leaving you alone,” to name a few. Levels of intimacy and distance are are explored through the concept of the acquaintance.

There are 55 participating artists, including Mirak Jamal, Georgie Netell & Morag Keil, Kaari Upson and Aude Pariset among others, with a highlight event including dance artist and movement therapist Tuğçe Tuna‘s new choreography ‘Body Drops’ performed by nine dancers under the dome of the hammam.

Visit the 15th Istanbul Biennial  website for details.**

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Peanut butter + dried up markers smeared across Sophie Serber’s messy interests in Gravity Sucks Again at CAVE3000, Sep 16 -19

15 September 2017

Sophie Serber is presenting Gravity Sucks Again at Berlin’s Cave3000,opening September 16 and running to September 19.

The press release includes only an abstract written excerpt credited to Chris Viaggio, referring to the Amsterdam-based artist’s often crude aesthetic interests. It reads, “Sucking is pulling, Delivering too, to a cocked-locked-and-loaded organ—what I would do,” while imagining a space where “peanut butter coats the walls; it’s the stuff, it stays stuck and remembers where it’s been—the scribbled marks of a marker drying out.”

Cave3000 is run by Natasja Loutchko in her apartment, where performances and exhibitions take place, which encourages dialogue between public and private, and is described as a “place for play and elaborative social structures.”

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Elif Saydam traverses the narrative of humour and fear in No R.E.M. at Ashley Berlin, Sep 15 -24

14 September 2017

Elif Saydam presents solo exhibition No R.E.M. at Ashley Berlin opening September 15 to 24.

The Berlin/Izmir-based artist, writer and performer often works in painting and performance exploring the relationship between humour and fear.

The upcoming show will look at language through fiction, theatre and painting to “perform conflicting narratives and traverse the tension found in irreconcilable difference.” On September 24 Saydam will also have a ‘Studio Sunday’ where she will present Virginia Woolf’s ‘StreetEssay’ (1930) with an accompanying group discussion.

Visit Ashley Berlin for details.**

Courtesy Elif Saydam
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Juliana Huxtable in Sonic Rebellion: Music As Resistance at MOCA Detroit + Project Native Informant, Sep 13 – Oc 21

14 September 2017

Juliana Huxtable presents a solo exhibition at London’s Project Native Informant opening September 13 and running to October 21.

In conjunction, the artist, DJ, performer and poet will also be participating in group exhibition Sonic Rebellion: Music As Resistance at the Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit running September 8 to January 7, 2018. Along with over 30 artists, the project will look at the role of music “as a catalyst for social change and empowerment” looking specifically at historical and contemporary resistance movements in Detroit.

There will be an after party at Bethnal Green Working Men’s Club with DJ Calvin Klein and Manara

Visit the Project Native Informant website for details.**

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Stewart Uoo brings cult event It’s Get Better to London for a night of POC, queer, feminist + radical perspectives at ICA, Sep 15

13 September 2017

Stewart Uoo is presenting the It’s Get Better V night of performance, screenings and a dance party at London’s ICA on September 15.

As the first London iteration of the cult event, the New York-based artist brings together musicians, artists, performers, and poets; “friends, collaborators and heroines,” alongside a programme of film and video works that extend across the ICA building from sunset to sunrise (8pm to 5pm).

Organised around “perspectives from persons of colour and investments in queer, feminist and radical content,” artists taking part in performances include Embaci & DasychiraJuliana Huxtable, Manara, Nkisi, Jacolby Satterwhite, and Raul De Nieves among others, as well as screenings of work by Janiva Ellis, Casey Jane Ellison, Joyce NG & KleinTrevor Shimizu, Ryan Trecartin, Evelyn Taocheng WangMorag Keil and more.

There will also be an installation by Natasha Lall.

See the ICA website for details.**

Nkisi (2015). Performance view. Photo by George Howard. Courtesy Bold Tendencies, London.
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Mallrats, retrospectives + screenings across sister cities: A list of recommendations for Berlin Art Week 2017, Sep 13 – 17

13 September 2017

The sixth Berlin Art Week opens across venues in the German capital today, running Sep 13 to 17.

In an effort to disentangle the vast, city-wide program for an AQNB audience, we’ve put together a list navigating the heady combination of festivals, fairs, exhibitions, performances and special events. Some highlights include, a Berlin Community Radio night of art, wellness and shopping the new BCR merchandise line on Thursday and the opening of the Harun Farocki retrospective at NBK, with an accompanying group exhibition, featuring Candice BreitzSamson Kambalu and others, at SAVVY.

There are other exhibition openings with Andrea Crespo, Sophie Serber and Lucie Stahl, as well ones still running at Future Gallery, Sandy Brown, Société and more. 

Read on for some of our recommendations:

Openings + events

– LA > X Los Angeles Artists in Berlin, Sep 13

– El Usman Faroqhi presents Here and a Yonder: On Finding Poise in Disorientation A Project in the Framework of the Harun Farocki Retrospective @ SAVVY Contemporary, Sep 13 – Oct 21

Anna Orłowska + Mateusz Choróbski’s Like A Sick Eagle @ Exile, Sep 13 – Oct 14

BCR 4 Year Birthday at The Mall @ KW, Sep 14

Miet Warlop’s Dragging the Bone performance retrospective @ HAU1, Sep 14 – 16

Claire Fontaine’s The Crack-Up @ Neuer Berliner Kunstverein (NBK), Sep 14 – Jan 26  

Elif Saydam’s No R.E.M. @ Ashley Berlin, Sep 15 – 24

Andrea Crespo’s [intensifies] @ Kraupa-Tuskany Zeidler, Sep 15 – Oct 14

Lucie Stahl + Henning Bohl’s Slytherin’ at Schiefe Zähne, Sep 15 – Oct 18

Sophie Serber’s Gravity Sucks Again @ cave3000, Sep 16 – 19

Now on

Whenever the Heart Skips a Beat group exhibition, Sep 1- 15

Nora Al-Badri + Nikolai Nelles’ Not a Single Bone at NOME, Sep 8 – Nov 11

Nicolas Pelzer’s Collider Body @ Future Gallery, Sep 9 – Oct 7

Kamilla Bischof’s Cosmetic Songs @ Sandy Brown, Sep 7 – Oct 21

– Bill Hayden’s Public Relations @ Société, Sep 9 – Oct 14


The Future is F*e*m*a*l*e* Festival, Sep 14 – 23 

Festival of Future Nows, Sep 14 – 17 


Art Berlin, Sep 14 – 17 

POSITIONS Berlin Art Fair, Sep 14 – 17

Berliner Liste Fair, Sep 15 – 17**

Sarah Miles + Anastazja Moser. Courtesy Berlin Community Radio.
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Meriem Bennani explores tension + tradition within Moroccan chikha culture in Siham & Hafida at The Kitchen, Sep 13 – Oct 21

12 September 2017

Meriem Bennani is presenting solo exhibition Siham & Hafida at New York’s The Kitchen, opening September 13 and running to October 21. 

Curated by Lumi Tan, the installation of the artist’s 30-minute video follows the lives of two women, Siham and Hafida, whose “intergenerational conflicts regarding the chikha tradition reflect greater shifts in Moroccan culture of the past 50 years.”
Looking at the performance of femininity, religion and social traditions, the film will explore the space of tension within a globalized society between oral practices of chikha musical genre Aita and social media. 
Visit The Kitchen website for details.**

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An exercise in speculative fiction around searching for Paradise on Mars at Istanbul’s OJ, Sep 15-29

11 September 2017

The Paradise on Mars group exhibition is on at Istanbul’s OJ Art Space, opening September 15 and running to September 29.  

Curated by Erdem Cetrez, the show is an exercise in speculative fiction. Employing the backdrop of the newly colonised Mars, artists are invited to reflect on the “politically stuck and contradictory state of the present-day Earth” and fantasise on the potential of humankind as they set about establishing a new society on the rust-coloured planet.

The show brings together new and recent painting, sculpture, video and site-specific installation from local and internationally-based artists, including Adam Stamp, Andrew Birk, Berk Cakmakci, Bora Akinciturk, Burkut Kum, Emma Stern, Huey Crowley, Lara Joy Evans, Michele Gabriele, Monia Ben Hamouda, Nicole Colombo, Pinar Marul and Vitaly Bezpalov, 

See the FB event page for more details.**

Monia Ben Hamouda, ‘Turn Bomb Craters into Swimming Pools,’ (2017) Installation view. Courtesy the artist + OJ, Istanbul.
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