The myths + fairytales around managing bodies in Alex Turgeon’s Good Housekeeping at Toronto’s Franz Kaka, Sep 8 – 30

8 September 2017

Alex Turgeon is presenting solo exhibition Good Housekeeping at Toronto’s Franz Kaka, opening September 8 and running to September 30.

The Berlin-based Canadian artist known for creating refined installations of subtle complexity alongside an associative writing practice, brings his ongoing investigation into systems used in the management of human and animal bodies by drawing parallels between rural and farm mythologies and anthropomorphic allegories in folk culture. 

One such illustrative text is excerpted in the press release, titled How to Build a Stable, and credited to one Donald R. Brann: “Those who neglect cleaning a stall daily soon discover the urine and droppings soften the earth floor.”

Drawing on his own personal history, which is then misrepresented and interpreted in relation to the agricultural and livestock industries, Turgeon repositions the visual language defining these existing structures to point to “broader systems of constraint within contemporary social relations.”

See the Franz Kaka website for details.**

Alex Turgeon, ‘Charon’s Obol’ (2016). Performance view. Courtesy Center, Berlin.
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Bring your own bus stop: Connecting the energies of secret institutions in Carl Palm’s Bacon on the Roof at HEKLA, Sep 8

8 September 2017

Carl Palm is presenting solo exhibition Bacon on the Roof at Brussels’ HEKLA, opening September 8.

The press release for the show includes a lengthy text by Lars-Erik Hjertström Lappalainen, contemplating the Stockholm and London-based artist’s work around the concept of the institution as something both widely public and deeply personal: “It seems to me as if Carl Palm has been interested in a kind of unofficial institution, recurring situations that may appear to be unorganized, unexpected opportunities without rules and open to creativity.” 

It then goes on to refer to the secret actions of sex tools, the ritual of waiting at the bus stop and the contextual shifts of routines and observances by writer Virginia Woolf, before and after WWI, to speculate on the shifting energies of mobile institutions and their revolutionary potential: “small and scattered communities which can be entirely separate but still belong together, not through the networks, but by virtue of the energy and its quality, analogously to the murmur.”

See the FB event page for details.**

Carl Palm, ‘Toalla’ (2015). Detail. Photo by Lorena Ancona. Courtesy Parallel Oaxaca.
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LOCAL’s Hannah TW + Helen Ralli celebrate the emancipatory power of music with Dance Freedom at London’s V3, Sep 7 – 15

7 September 2017

The Dance Freedom group exhibition is on at London’s V3, opening September 7 and running to September 15.

Curated by Hannah TW and Helen Ralli, the show features work by photographers and directors celebrating “the power of uninhibited dancing and how this can bring communities together.” Contributors include  Coco BayleyLewis KhanAlex Hulsey, Meshach Falconer Roberts, Lotte Anderson, Wilson Oryema, and Stefy Pocket, among others, and present images of everything from “Kiev speed freaks” and “Polish pop fans” to Carnival and Vogue shows.

As organiser of DIY Brixton party LOCAL, Hannah TW is currently in residence at V3 and will follow the show with a night at Club 414 featuring GAIKA on September 9.  

See the V3 website for details.**

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Mass extinction + extraction as cultural fracking of Nora Al-Badri + Nikolai Nelles’ Not a Single Bone at NOME, Sep 8 – Nov 11

6 September 2017

Nora Al-Badri and Nikolai Nelles are presenting Not a Single Bone at Berlin’s NOME, opening September 8 and running to November 11. 

The exhibition explores the West’s colonial history of cultural extraction through paleontology, making the science and mythology around dinosaur fossils what art historian W.J.T. Mitchell calls “the totem animal of modern culture.” The duo will present their most recent HKW-funded project, called ‘Fossil Futures’ and based around research around the former German colony and excavation site of the Tendaguru Beds in Tanzania.

In reproducing these fossils using artificial intelligence and leaked data, along with the traditional tools of museums, the work questions “the fictions of authenticity told by Western institutions, and seek[s] to uncover alternative emancipatory narratives.”

Al-Badri and Nelles will also present an iteration of their 2015 project ‘The Other Nefertiti,’ an open-sourced reproduction of the Ancient Egyptian Royal Bust enabled through a data leak, its original still claimed by the Egyptian Museum of Berlin collection.  

See the NOME website for details.**

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Infatuated siblings in the hypnagogic psychological thriller of Amanda Kramer’s Paris Window screening at Zebulon, Sep 7

6 September 2017

The Paris Window film screening is on at Los Angeles’ Zebulon on September 6. 

Directed by Not Not Fun and 100% Silk co-founder Amanda Kramer, the movie is described as a “hypnagogic psychological thriller” filmed in Chinatown and set entirely in the apartment of two infatuated siblings. The press release for Paris Window draws comparisons to work by David Cronenberg, Roman Polanski and Fyodor Dostoyevsky, in a story following the hazards of hypnosis informercials that eventually turn the delusional pair against each other, when Sunny starts dating a man that looks just like her brother.

Performing on the night in support of the screening is DJ Bleak House (100% Silk), and Ben Babbitt who scored the film. 

See the FB event page for more details.**

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An ethics of discussing objects + politics in Sophie Jung’s It’s Not What It Looks Like at Vienna’s Sophie Tappeiner, Sep 8 – Oct 14

5 September 2017

Sophie Jung is presenting solo exhibition It’s Not What It Looks Like at Vienna’s Sophie Tappeiner, opening September 8 and running to October 14.

The press release for the show — which includes a number of a performances, the dates of which are yet to be announced — comes accompanied by a text describing the practice of the writer and performance artist as one predicated on instability and uncertainty. As Paul Clinton writes in his essay ‘All Tension No Release,’ Jung, “repeatedly shuffles her observations in the same way she arranges and rearranges the objects that she discusses and displays, and their form is always contingent and provisional.” 

That goes some way in illustrating what to expect in the London-based artist’s work, that the associate editor of Frieze magazine goes on to describe as offering “an ethics of discussing objects and politics in which the speaker does not assume a position of authority ‘about’ or ‘on’ anything.”**

See the Sophie Tappeiner website for details.**

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Over 30 artists examine the line between individual experience + political statement in (X) A Fantasy at DRAF, Sep 7 – Oct 7

4 September 2017

The (X) A Fantasy group exhibition is on at London’s DRAF, opening September 7 and running to October 7.

The show brings together over 30 artists examining the question, “when does the individual experience become a political statement?” Keren CytterPaul MahekeTala MadaniHannah Quinlan & Rosie Hastings, and more are among the respondents exploring the boundary between the public and private, like “living, eating, dancing, seducing, reading, watching films, going online.”

The opening night will feature performances by choreographer Fernanda Muñoz-Newsome, and artists Hannah Regel and Urara Tsuchiya, as well as a DJ set during the afterparty by New Noveta. Upstairs will feature Zoe Williams ‘voluptuous banquet’ in ‘Ceremony of the Void.’

The exhibition is the last in DRAF’s Camden space, as they move onto new territory and spaces around London.

Visit the DRAF website for details.**

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Searching for a past + future that isn’t here yet in I Wanna Give You Devotion at PLATFORM Munich, Sep 6 – Oct 4

4 September 2017

The I Wanna Give You Devotion group exhibition is on at PLATFORM Munich, opening September 6 and running to October 4.

Organised by Philipp Gufler, the show focuses on the collection of forum homosexualität münchen e.V., in an archive where “feelings, personal experiences, political battles and desire emerge.”

The project will bring together historical posters and flyers from people like Cosy Piéro, as well nearly 30 contemporary contributions by Sands Murray-WassinkRichard John JonesRaphaela VogelX-Patch CollectiveEvelyn Taocheng Wang and Chris Kraus, among others. The exhibition is self-described as a desire for a past and future that “is-not-yet-here.” There will be a short film screening on September 20, as well as on the closing evening of October 4.

Visit the PLATFORM Munich website for details.**

Sands Murray-Wassink, ‘Identity Shots, 1995 or Before Robin, After Hannah Wilke’ (Reprinted 2017). Install view. Courtesy the artist + Lily Robert, Paris.). Install view. Courtesy the artist + Lily Robert, Paris. View Media (13)
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Kamilla Bischof’s narrative unfolds in *kosmetische Gesänge / Cosmetic Songs* at Sandy Brown, Sep 2 – Oct 21

31 August 2017

Kamilla Bischof is presenting *kosmetische Gesänge / Cosmetic Songs* at Berlin’s Sandy Brown, opening September 2 and running to October 21.

There is no accompanying press release or sneak preview of what is to come, however we can expect a usual dose of the Berlin-based artists’ surreal and allegorical painting installations. Often using motifs that are both representational and abstract, her works turn into interior worlds, often using plants and fantastical animals.

The figures in the paintings become characters who engage in conversation with one another, with an impaired narrative unfolding. Ambiguity, complexity, fantasy and reality merge in a rejection of any one reading of the ‘story.’

Visit the Sandy Brown website for details.**

Kamilla Bischof, ‘TURM FRISUR’ (2017) Installation view. Courtesy the artist + Halle für Kunst Lüneburg
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Physical + mental ailments + the disease of the artist herself in Lauryn Youden’s ‘Kunstsommer Detox’ for Sacred Serpent Sessions, Sep 1

30 August 2017

Lauryn Youden is presenting Kunstsommer Detox at Frankfurt’s Meridian Spa Skyline Plaza on September 1.

Hosted by online Magazine Reflektor M (edited by María Inés Plaza), the event is part of Sacred Serpent Sessions; a series of performances and other events focused on healing. Sessions have included meditation, workshops, film screenings, CBT therapy, sound healing and alchemy, among other things.

Youden is a Canadian Berlin-based artist and co-director of Ashley Berlin who was a awarded the Berlin Art Prize, along with Stine Marie Jacobsen and Benedikt Partenheimer in 2016. Her session will explore “physical and mental ailments and disease of the artist herself and all participants.”

Visit the FB event page for details.**

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Linking back through material immortality + resurrection in Art Without Death: Russian Cosmism at HKW, Sep 1 – Oct 3

29 August 2017

The Art Without Death: Russian Cosmism group exhibition is on at Berlin’s Haus der Kulturen der Welt (HKW), opening September 1 and running to October 3.

The show brings together both Russian avant-garde work, curated by Boris Groys and drawn from the George Costakis collection, and contemporary work, including films by Anton Vidokle and Arseny Zhilyaev‘s installation reflecting “on the philosophical, scientific and artistic concepts of Russian Cosmism.”

Exploring the concept of Russian Cosmism and its dedication to”material immortality and resurrection,” as well as travel to outer space, there will also be a two-day conference looking at the intersection of science, technology and art. The event is part of 100 Years of Nowwhich is a four year program “undertaking an analysis of the present time by linking back to historical utopias.”

Visit the HKW website for details.**

Anton Vidokle, ‘Immortality and resurrection for All (2017) Film still. Courtesy the artist + HKW, Berlin.
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Spiritual parallels connecting Saudi Arabia + Utah in Cities of Conviction at UMOCA, Aug 25 – Jan 6

24 August 2017

The Cities of Conviction group exhibition is on at Salt Lake City’s Utah Museum of Contemporary Art (UMOCA), opening August 25 and running to January 6, 2018.

Curated by Jared Steffensen, the show features work by Saudi contemporary artists, including Rashed Al Shashai, Telfaz11Abdullah Al-Othman, Abdulnasser Gharem, Ahmed Mater, Arwa AlneamiMusaed Al Hulis, Nasser Al Salem and more. It will explore the “parallels between spiritual and urban cultures in Saudi Arabia and Utah; and especially the symbolism of creativity that connects cities of pilgrimage in both places.”

Looking at common histories, community, conservation and faith among many other subjects, the artists — that also include Balqis AlRashed, Nugamshi, Dana Awartani, Ghada Al Rabea, Khalid Bin Afif, Khalid Zahid, Lina Gazzaz, Masameer, Moath Alofi,  Nouf Alhimiary, Qamar Abdulmalik, and Yusef Alahmad — will respond to what Steffensen describes as a ‘timely’ topic.

Visit the UMOCA website for details.**

Qamar Abdulmalik, ‘Asylum of Dreams’ (2017) Courtesy the artist
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From the punk band to Steve Jobs: Data Rhei on scales of power in What Matters at Garage Arnaud Deschin, Aug 24 – 27

24 August 2017

The What Matters group exhibition is on at Marseille’s Garage Arnaud Deschin (la GAD), opening August 24 to 27.

Running at the same time as Marseille’s ART-O-RAMA fair, the show includes works by Ethan Assouline, Hélène Bertin, Florian Pentsch and Dimitri Robert-Rimsky.  The opening evening will host sound performances by Body Lotion, Knut Vandekerkhove, Violence Policière and Yung Soft

Curated by Data Rhei, the exhibition looks at scales of power, “the crisis between intimate and politics,” and explores “our capacity to produce discourse in an ideologically hostile infrastructural space,” asking you to settle in the in-between; “from the punk band to Steve Jobs.”

Visit the FB event page for details.**

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Park Nights presents Shen Xin’s explorations of emotion + criticism in ‘half-sung, half-spoken’ at Serpentine Galleries, Aug 25

23 August 2017

Shen Xin is presenting half-sung, half-spoken at London’s Serpentine Pavilion on August 25. 

Part of the Park Nights 2017 programme, Shen will unveil a “live interpretation of her films, exploring criticism as an embodied emotional state.” The screening and performance touches on her recent major four-channel video installation ‘Provocation of the Nightingale’ (2017) currently on show in Gateshead as part of the 2017 BALTIC Artists’ Award exhibition, running June 30 to October 1. 

In a recent interview with the artist, Shen spoke about her interest in emotional states and how they are informed by socio-political structures, as well as the shift in her practice towards a more sensory way of making and viewing art.

Park Nights is an “experimental, interdisciplinary live platform” that runs over the summer, with other artists including Arthur Jafa, Bouchra Ouizguen, Tamara Henderson, Black Quantum Futurism and others.

Visit the Serpentine website for details.**

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Montez Press presents an epic show of publishers + their writers for The Only Thing That’s New is Us at Mathew NYC, Aug 25

22 August 2017

The Only Thing That’s New is Us group exhibition is on at New York’s Mathew NYC  on August 25.

Hosted by recent AQNB publisher pick, Montez Press and Nettles Artists Collective, the event is part of the Montez at Mathew 2017 Summer Program, which brings 18 New York-based press houses or organisations together, each selecting an artist (or pair of them) to take part in the residency. Also associated with the Brooklyn Institute of Social Research program, the project revolves around a course taught on James Joyce’s epic Ulysses, asking each artist to respond in their own way to the literature.

The event features visual works, performance, video and readings by Harry Burke & Rin Johnson via Pfeil Magazine, Saretta Morgan & Kiran Puri via Belladonna, Mylo Mendez via We’re Hir We’re Queer, James Loop via Montez’s own The Interjection Calendar, and Candice Iloh via No, Dear Magazine, among others.

An artist book will be released of the work in 2018.

Visit the FB event page for details.**

'The Interjection Calendar' pub 2017 + feat various artists. Thank you #MontezPress 🌷

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Ibiza’s BLOOP is going small with its ‘CHANGES’-themed Proactive International Art Festival, Aug 23 – Sep 9

22 August 2017

BLOOP Festival is presenting its 7th edition across venues in Ibiza, running August 23 to September 9.

Organised by Biokip Labs, this year’s theme is ‘CHANGES’ and will reflect on the concept of the word as it relates to the rapidly changing face of societal “values, lifestyle, politics, technology, and environment.” Unlike previous years, the 2017 festival will focus on reducing its size and ‘going small,’ with space design by Designersblock.

The event, which has a longer title of BLOOP International Proactive Art Festival, will bring together installation, video mappings, parties, street art and more, featuring work by Lo Spino (Dario Spinelli), Dizzconnected, Inge Sluijs, Ellamae Statham, Montse Nadal, Helene Steiner + Thomas Meaney, Aiwu, Margaux Hendriksen and more.

Visit the Bloop Festival website for details.**

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At the intersection of art, sound & community: a guide to Montréal’s MUTEK Festival, Aug 22 – 27

21 August 2017

The 18th Edition of MUTEK is on at various locations across Montreal, running August 22 to 27.

Known as Canada’s “preeminent hub of electronic music and digital creativity” — with festivals also taking place in London, Mexico City, Barcelona and Berlin — the five-day event brings together music, art and technology, dedicated to “discovery, revelation and community.”

MUTEK splits itself into three categories, Performances, Conferences, Workshops, Exhibitions, and the Satosphère Series, with our recommendations below: 


-‘INTER_CONNECT London: This Wheel’s on Fire,’ including Sensate Focus, at Society for Arts and Technology, Aug 23

-‘EXPÉRIENCE London,’ including Bambooman at Esplanade de la Place des Arts, Aug 23

-‘INTER_CONNECT México: NAAFI Presenta Noche De Ritmos Periféricos,’ including Mexican Jihad, Aug 24

-‘EXPÉRIENCE México,’ including Ouri, at Esplanade de la Place des Arts, Aug 24

-‘Red Bull Music Academy presents NOCTURNE 3: Drone Activity in Progress,’ including Sarah Davachi and FIS, at Métropolis, Aug 24

-‘Red Bull Music Academy presents NOCTURNE 4: Widescreen Macheen Dreems,’ including Aurora Halal, at Métropolis, Aug 25

– ‘Don’t Assume: NTS Radio on Stage 1,’ including Space Afrika and Beatrice Dillon, at Édifice WILDER Espace danse, Aug 25 + 26

-‘EXPÉRIENCE Berlin: CTM Festival presents Berlin Current,’ including Dis Fig and Loticat Esplanade de la Place des Arts, Aug 26

-‘INTER_CONNECT Berlin: Eine kleine elektronische Nachtmusik,’ including rRoxymore, at Society for Arts and Technology, Aug 26

-‘NOCTURNE 6: Other Hemispheres,’ including Kara-Lis Coverdale, at Society for Arts and Technology, Aug 27

Conferences, Workshops, Exhibitions

Subversions of Reality exhibition, including Jasmine Johnson and LaTurbo Avedon, at Place des arts – Espace culturel Georges-Émile-Lapalme, Aug 22 – 27

-‘Mark Fell Q+A with Oliver Harding‘ at Monument-National, Aug 25

-Panel discussion ‘Berlin Imaginaries,’ moderated by Taïca Replansky of CTM Festival with Hans Reuschl (Africaine 808), Chris Vargas (Pelada), Hermione Frank (rRoxymore) and Mike Shannon at Monument-National, Aug 26

Visit the MUTEK website for details.**

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Elastic, thin + tougher than steel: Heavy Paws group show Copenhagen’s Hans Egedes Gade, Aug 24 – 27

21 August 2017

The Heavy Paws group exhibition is on at Copenhagen’s Hans Egedes Gade 21, opening August 24 and running to 27.

Featuring work by Annie Åkerman, Cecilia Hylta Bjartmar, David Stjernholm, Gianna Surangkanjanajai, Hrefna Hörn Leifsdóttir, Hannibal Andersen, Nathan Gassaway, Anna Rettl and Sarah Rosengarten, the show is the second iteration of Per Person, on at New York’s The Westin Hotel in Times Square on June 10.

The press release includes a narrative about coming across a sea of webs that ‘exp(anded)(loded)(lored)(osed)’:

“My nephew rubbed his hands clean on my felt vest, contently saying: ‘There we go — A skillful combination of the 20 types of amino acids with an endless potential for unprecedented versatility. Elastic, thin and tougher than steel’.”

Visit the FB event page for details.**

Per Person(2017) Installation view. Courtesy the artists.
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A short guide to ART-O-RAMA: Signature lines in the first international art fair in the South of France

21 August 2017

ART-O-RAMA is on at Marseille’s Friche la Belle de Mai  running August 25 to 27.

Created in 2007 and now in its 11th edition, the event is the first art fair to take place in the South of France. Run by Jérôme Pantalacci, the curatorial premise has its own unique format that allows the galleries and artists to design their exhibition space; each booth creating ‘signature lines’ in the project.

The fair brings together an intimate number of 26 international galleries and six publishing houses, including a guest project by Sabrina Belouaar. This year’s Showroom, running to September 10, features work by François Bellabas among others.

In addition there are a nunmber of talks moderated by Cédric Aurelle on the themes of “polarisation and the emergence of new contemporary art scenes,” which include ‘The Art Market between Feminism and Decolonialism’ on August 26 and ‘South(s) as a State of Mind’ on August 27.

Notable exhibitors include: 

– London’s Narrative Projects showing Rachel Lowe

 – ltd los angeles showing Josefin Arnell, Arielle de Pinto and Margaret Haines

– Berlin’s Klemm’s showing Fiona Mackay and Émilie Pitoiset

– Berlin’s Exile showing Pakui Hardware, Erik Niedling and Paul Sochacki

– Cologne’s DREI showing Anna Virnich

– Berlin’s Neumeister Bar-Am showing Estrid Lutz and Émile Mold

– Paris’ Antoine Levi showing Daniel Jacoby and Piotr Makowski

– Rotterdam’s Cinnamon showing Esther Tielemans

– London’s ICA showing a number of their most recent publications

– Paris’ mfc-michèle didier showing Fiona Banner, Robert Barry and The Guerrilla Girls

Visit the ART-O-RAMA website for details.**

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