Moving through parasitic systems in Diaspore’s five part project AESTHETICS OF DISHONESTY Oct 7 – Nov 2

12 October 2017

The AESTHETICS OF DISHONESTY group project is on at London’s Diaspore, opened October 7 and running to November 2.

Happening in five parts, the project brings together a series of events, performances and installations that explore “genetic transfer, parasitic systems and the technique of camouflage,” with the schedule as follows:

Gabriel Stones presents site-specific installation exploring “fitting in, copying, structures and relationships,” Oct 7 

– Jolien van Schagen + Sinead O’Dwyer explore the relationship they have with their body “through food, object, garments & performance” in ‘Wandering Wombs,’  Oct 15

– Pop-up online radio station VVFA will feature a “series of conversations performed live between fictional characters,” Oct 21

– An evening of screenings in OPEN SOURCE, featuring Milo CreeseTom Kobialka, Alistair Small and Puck Verkade, Oct 25

– A night of live music and performances with a line up chosen by A_____Z (Anne Duffau) with Patchfinder and others at DIY Space for London, Nov 2

Visit the Diaspore website for details.**

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Hyperlocal presents Ewa Justka, Patchfinder + THOTH at Café Oto, May 16

15 May 2017

Hyperlocal presents Ewa Justka, Patchfinder and Thoth at London’s Café Oto on May 16.

The evening will bring together three performances by Glasgow-based psych noise Thoth, London-based Polish noise artist and “self taught instruments builder” Ewa Justka and a “spore of shit music from the bin” by Patchfinder.

Hyperlocal festival has a primary focus on London and Buenos Aires, and hosts a line-up of international artists connected locally in each city.

See the Hyperlocal Festival Website for details.**

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Lawrence Lek @ The White Building, Oct 2 – 5

1 October 2014

Lawrence Lek is adding a new chapter to this ongoing project, Bonus Levels, with Sky Line, showing at London’s The White Building as part of Art Licks Weekend from October 2 to October 5.

With Sky Line as with the larger project, Lek uses video-made virtual worlds to interrogate the notion and construction of a utopian fiction, and with each chapter – Sky Line being the sixth – he attempts to reconcile a new conflict.

Wavering “between systems of control and forces of change, between reality and its representation, between the individual and collective”, these conflicts are rendered visible to the viewer as video tours and playable games, and Sky Line takes on the scanty infrastructure for London’s independent art spaces, modelling a floating version of the Circle Line with a vision of the city as not just made of financial skyscrapers but of “infinite access”.

The installation’s opening night kicks off with a live audio-visual performance by Patchfinder at 8:30pm, and will feature a critical discussion with Lek and White Building curator Rachel Falconer on Saturday at 3pm.

See The White Building exhibition page for details. **

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Sonic Architecture @ Penthouse 4C

22 August 2013

So Public Assembly have inhabited pop-up space and installation Penthouse 4C at Hack the Barbican for nearly two weeks now and to celebrate, they’ll be hosting Sonic Architecture tomorrow, Friday, August 23.

Featuring two collaborations by Lawrence Lek and Chris King,  as well as Patchfinder and Daniel Swan. Promising an “immersive live experience” the artists concerned all work with an audiovisual scope, particularly King, whom we interviewed not long ago.

See the Public Assembly Facebook page for details. **

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