AQNB is a not-for-profit editorial platform committed to independent media. Working at the intersection of visual art, music and critical thinking, we cover a diverse range of experimental and emerging practices that resist classification. We promote conversation across multiple grassroot networks, paying close attention to the discursive changes brought on by developments in technology and communication. We regularly look to the periphery to present some of the most radical voices today.

AQNB is a growing community of contributing artists and writers presenting fresh perspectives in the arts. Our internal policy gives editorial priority to those tackling structural inequality in the industry and promotes underrepresented practices. We work with artists directly and encourage involvement from groups, project spaces, galleries, curators, festivals, labels and publishers on a national and an international level. We produce in-house and regularly commission features, interviews, focus pieces, reviews, mixes and creative writing.

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AQNB continues to exist only through the dedication and generosity of everyone involved. However, in figuring out ways to raise enough money to pay for everything it takes to reimburse writers for their efforts, run a large website and provide editorial support and we have hit a bit of a brick wall. 

Doing our research, we think Patreon offers something different. It’s a platform for small monthly subscriptions meaning that if all our community were to sign up it would make an enormous difference to the scope and amount of editorial we can produce. All funds raised will go directly to pay for commissioning and therefore support our contributors in their excellent work. Not everyone can afford to give donations we know – but if you can spare $1 a month and you like what you read on AQNB please lend a hand and sign up

**AQNB Productions**

In addition to the AQNB Patreon, we financially support editorial activities through AQNB Productions. Taking all the things we’ve learned from running AQNB, we also act a service-for-hire to other cultural organisations to advise, produce and distribute video and written content for their public programme.

Our services include:

-Video production and online distribution services

-Copywriting services for print and online publications

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If you’ve got an upcoming project you’d like to discuss or just want to have a look at our services pack we’d be really happy if you got in touch.  Email for more details. 


Steph Kretowicz (aka Jean Kay) – Editor,
Human Poney (aka HP Parmley) – Contributing Editor,
Jared Davis – Contributing Editor, 
Caroline Heron – Managing Editor,
Guillermo Fraile – Co-founder

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