PHILTH HAUS indulges paraphilia with “I LOVE FUCKING MONEY” merch to accompany their REPSXL album launch event, Mar 3

2 March 2023

PHILTH HAUS is performing Berlin’s KW Institute for Contemporary Art, Pogo Bar on March 3.

Appearing as part of the King Kong Magazine “Body Politics—On Masculinity” launch party, the Los Angeles-based interdisciplinary collective’s REPSXL drops in full across streaming platforms on the same day. The twelve-track album is released via AQNB, in a musical series exploring the nature of who dictates our taxonomy through categorization, packaging, and marketing of queer identity in titles like “SAPSXL” (i.e. sapiosexuality) and “AUTSXL” (autosexuality).

From love of unavailable people to a lust for fictional characters, the album runs the gamut of sexual orientations—including the more commonly-known labels like heterosexuality and lesbianism—in drone and bass-laden composites of 2000s pop music samples, ad jingles, and noise to produce “hormonally-charged sonics.” Each song features its own cover, which will be presented as a series of NFTs that audience members can bid for over the course of the sound bath album listening session at Pogo Bar, as well the following two weeks.

Successful bidders will be notified of their acquisition of their sexual preference NFT, while the more tactile desires of the objectum sexuality set can indulge their paraphilic tendencies with PHILTH HAUS’s “I LOVE FUCKING MONEY” merch made especially for the event by Nele and Rowan Ben Jackson of Shirt Bangerz.

See the KW website for details.**

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Hannah Rose Stewart & Blackhaine announce MIASMA at Trauma Bar und Kino, October 22

30 September 2022

Hannah Rose Stewart and Blackhaine are presenting a live audio-visual installation, MIASMA, at Trauma Bar und Kino on October 22. This marks the debut collaboration for both Stewart and Blackhaine, who’s respective works recently appeared in The Fairest, Berlin Atonal, and in collaboration with Playboi Carti.

MIASMA borrows from Ligottian horror in its reflection on North England – the home region of both artist’s – where the installation opens in an unnamed seaside town. The project brings together the artists’ respective specialties in 3D spatial design and choreography, featuring an immersive film and both digital and live movement inspired the Japanese theatre of Butoh that will occur throughout the venue.

Hannah Rose Stewart and Blackhaine’s MIASMA will premiere at Trauma Bar und Kino on October 22. Purchase tickets via Resident Advisor.

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Kiosk Radio, Radio Raheem & Radio 80000 announce ‘25AV’, a new platform for audiovisual arts & performance & open call for artists

15 September 2022

Brussels’ Kiosk Radio, Milan’s Radio Raheem, and Munich’s Radio 80000 are partnering on new audiovisual arts and performance platform, 25AV, co-funded by the European Union’s Creative Europe Programme. The launch of the platform includes an open call for artists that runs from September 15 until October 14. 

25AV seeks to foster artistic collaboration across Europe and promote emerging talent from transnational music and visual arts scenes. The partner radios will mobilize their online communities toward the 25AV project. From 2023, the platform will share information about the selected artists, new audiovisual works, and interviews every week. 25AV will also host an online program with live performances, talks, and exhibitions that take place at iMALTriennale Teatro, and ZIRKA. The events will run from October to December 2023. The open call asks for European artists to partner up in pairs, comprising a music producer and a visual artist from different European countries. Through an independent committee, the project will select 18 artistic pairs and commission 18 exclusive audiovisual works of up to 25 minutes in length.**

Submissions for 25AV are now open until October 14 via

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Sonic Acts announces 2022 Biennial, opening with group exhibition one sun after another, Sept 30 – Oct 23

13 September 2022

Sonic Acts is announcing its 2022 Biennial, running from September 30 to October 23 across various venues in Amsterdam. The biennial celebrates Sonic Acts’ nearly three decades of creative productions while provoking questions of care and collectivity through a series of site-specific interventions and music performances. The program will open with one sun after another exhibition that draws up Sonic Acts’ research focus on climatic change and crisis. 

one sun after another offers a constructive approach to environmental storytelling, with the included works inadvertently responding to each other through their perspective on time geographyThe group exhibition explores relationships between time, nature, and industry, tracing degrees of ecological impact across various visual works and interventions. The works range from research into cartographic languages and non-hierarchical technologies to photography, video, and field recordings. Participating artists include Louis Braddock Clarke, Zuzanna Zgierska, Lucky Dragons, the 2021 Prix Marcel Duchamp nominee Julian Charierre, among others.

one sun after another takes place from 30 September to 23 October at W139, Zone2Source, and Het HEM. Visit Sonic Acts’ website to purchase tickets to the exhibition and the entire biennial program.

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THE FAIREST debuts annual art fair, Open Your Eyes Again at Kühlhaus Berlin, Sept 14-18  

12 September 2022

THE FAIREST— a Berlin-based curatorial group, led by Eleonora Sutter and Georgie Pope— opens its first annual art fair entitled Open Your Eyes Again at Kühlhaus Berlin on September 13, 2022. The exhibition runs from September 14-18, featuring over 60 artists that participated in the group’s teaser editions over the past year. The five teaser events focused on themes that lead up to the annual fair, ranging from carnal melancholia to transformation under crisis. Open Your Eyes Again includes works from Jonas Wendelin, Lukas Stöever, and Hannah Rose Stewart, amongst others.

THE FAIREST’s inaugural annual art fair, Open Your Eyes Again, runs from September 14-18 at Kühlhaus, Berlin.

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Julien Andreas shares latest hard techno album Bottom Feeder via Magdalena’s Apathy

19 August 2022

Julien Andreas released Bottom Feeder on July 13, 2022. The 12-track album follows the artist’s Lethal Hardcore series in 2021, including a feature from Los Angeles-based producer, LORD PUSSWHIP. Listeners can expect a continuation of Andreas’ abrasive techno, mixed with electro, hardstyle, and a range of up-tempo beats that define the Los Angeles rave scene stalwart’s style.

Julian Andreas’ Bottom Feeder is out now.

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Norbergfestival returns after two year hiatus with third artists, including Namasenda, Himera, Petronn Sphene & more, July 7—9

21 June 2022

Norbergfestival has announced its second set of performances for its 2022 festival, running from July 7-9 in Norberg, Sweden.

After a two-year hiatus, the festival returns with a program on vital connections between experimental and club music following the pandemic. Its third announcement features PC Music affiliates, Namasenda and Himera, and queer futurist noise act, Petronn Sphene. The festival will also host sets from Goth JafarANIMA, and Loraine James, along with live performances; PHYSIS by ASIANDOPEBOYS and Maria W Horn’s and Sara Parkman’s Funeral Folk. The festival will take place throughout Mimerlaven, a decommissioned mining site central to its curatorial motivation for the past two decades. 

See Norbergfestival’s website for the full announcement.**

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Trauma Bar und Kino announces Songs for Attunement, featuring durational performances from Colin Self, Iceboy Violet, Steven Warwick, Golin & more, Jul 1—3

15 June 2022

Trauma Bar und Kino presents Songs for Attunement, an “exhibition of live works” featuring durational performances on July 1 and 3.

With performative installations from six artists including Colin Self, Iceboy Violet and Steven Warwick, the project will immerse Trauma Bar und Kino in activations spanning spoken word, movement and electronics. Also featuring Golin, Lil Asaf and Stine Janvin, the events explore the terms ‘attunement’ and ‘enaction’—borrowed from psychology and biology—to dissolve barriers of traditional musical performance. As noted in the press release: “Without beginning or end, and without the separation of “stage”, visitors can engage with the artists (and vice-versa) with no predictable linearity or outcome. The live works function individually, but also as a whole, creating a sonic/performative ecosystem, with the body and the voice both medium and artwork.”

See Trauma Bar und Kino’s website for more information and tickets.**

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Lunchmeat announces the first artists for their 2022 festival, including μ-Ziq, Paraadiso (TSVI & Seven Orbits), SKY H1 & Mika Oki, Wanton Witch & more

24 May 2022

Lunchmeat festival has announced the first artists of their 2022 edition, running across various venues in Prague from September 26 to October 1.

Building on the festival’s reputation for championing audio-visual commissions, Lunchmeat 2022 celebrate’s this year’s return to international creative collaborations with the theme See you dancin’. Performances and world premieres include a new live show from Lucy and Wanton Witch, whose ‘Latent Ceremony’ music video was premiered on AQNB earlier this year. Paraadiso, a collaboration between TSVI and Seven Orbits, draw inspiration from ancient gatherings and collective physical experiences, while Blackhaine presents his post-industrial “visions of urban decay and drill-noise sonic fiction.” Today’s announcement also includes the likes of μ-Ziq, Squarepusher, SKY H1 and Mika Oki, as well as AV artists including h5io6i54k, Pedro Maia and more.

See Lunchmeat’s website for the full announcement and tickets.**

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Golubka Fundraiser for Ukraine to take place at London’s HQI, with Lawrence Lek, Aircode, Ewa Awe, Xquisite Releases and more, May 14

4 May 2022

Golubka Fundraiser for Ukraine is taking place at HQI, London, on May 14, 2022.

With all proceeds going towards the organisations Biblioteka Kyiv, Livyj Bereh, Bridges Over Borders, and Come Back Alive, the event will raise funds through donated artworks, objects and fashion for sale. Participating contributors include Lawrence Lek, New Noveta, Bora Akinciturk, Claire Barrow, Daniel Swan, Xquisite Releases, Mainline RUS/Fr.CA/DE, Bog, and many more. DJ sets will run through evening featuring Aircode, Ewa Awe, Manuka Honey, Cold, LC, among others.

Golubka Fundraiser for Ukraine is taking place at HQI, London, on May 14, 2022.
Book tickets now via Resident Advisor.**

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Rewire 2022 festival programme complete, with discourse events announced alongside full lineup including Evian Christ, Nkisi, aya, Golin & more

10 March 2022

Rewire has made the final programme announcement for their 2022 edition, running at various venues across The Hague, April 7 to 10.

Completing the programme of performances and projects across the city, the final additions to the lineup include a discourse programme revolving around key themes of noise, affect and ritual, with conversations from artists including Nkisi, Jana Rush, JJJJJerome Ellis among others. This adds to an expansive programme featuring performances from the likes of Evian Christ, aya, Torus, Coby Sey, Golin, SKY H1 and many more.**

Rewire 2022 runs April 7 to 10, 2022. See the Rewire website for the complete programme and timetable, as well as to purchase festival and day passes.

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PAF Olomouc announces their Spring edition’s lineup, featuring Lizzie Fitch & Ryan Trecartin, object blue, Natalia Podgórska, BCAA system & more

5 March 2022

PAF Olomouc has announced the lineup for their spring edition, taking place at Flora Olomouc Exhibition Centre, Czech Republic, on March 25 to 26.

Aptly set for springtime in the pavilions of a botanical garden, highlights include participation from Lizzie Fitch and Ryan Trecartin, who will present video work and explore their development of an experimental amusement park in Ohio, as well as an audiovisual set from object blue and Natalia Podgórska. Being the Czech festival’s first return to live events since the pandemic, the two-day programme will also include performances and work from Babeworld, Space Afrika, BCAA system and more.

PAF Spring Olomouc runs March 25 to 26, 2022, at Flora Olomouc Exhibition Centre, Czech Republic. See the PAF website for more information and tickets.

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Latest additions to Rewire 2022 announced, including Eartheater, Nkisi, Jacqueline Kiyomi Gork & more

24 February 2022

Rewire announces 26 new artists and projects added to the lineup of their 2022 edition, running at various venues across The Hague, April 7 to 10.

The latest news solidifies an already extensive music programme, with new additions to the lineup including Eartheater, Nkisi, Dis Fig and more. Also announced is the Proximity Music: Sensing After Thought interdisciplinary exhibition, featuring works from artists including Jacqueline Kiyomi Gork, Quiet Ensemble, Kexin Hao among others. With coronavirus restrictions lifting in the Netherlands, Rewire’s 2022 edition will be the first time in three years that the annual festival will be realised in its full capacity across the city.**

Rewire 2022 runs April 7 to 10, 2022. See the Rewire website for tickets and more information.

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Rewire announces new additions for their 2022 edition, including SKY H1, Evian Christ, Coby Sey & more

27 January 2022

Rewire festival has added further additions to the lineup of their 2022 edition, running at various venues across The Hague, April 7 to 10.

After an initial announcement in November, the latest additions include expansive performances and projects at renowned venues across the city. These include SKY H1 & Mika Oki, who will collaborate for an audiovisual show around SKY H1’s recent LP Azure, whereas Holly Childs & Gediminas Žygus will adapt their album Gnarled Roots into a performance that “incorporates bespoke choreography, dense spoken word, experimental visuals, and intense electronic music”. Live sets will also take place from Evian Christ, Coby Sey, Tirzah and more. This follows the first round of artists including Helm & Nate Boyce, Ziúr, aya, MSYLMA & Ismael among others.**

Rewire 2022 runs April 7 to 10, 2022. See the Rewire website for the full artist announcement and tickets.**

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Bapari hosts release party in Los Angeles for their latest video on surveillance dystopias ‘Interlude & Daybreak’

9 December 2021

Bapari is releasing the video for their single ‘Interlude & Daybreak’ alongside an event in Downtown LA on December 9, 2021. 

Directed by Alima Lee, the video features two tracks from the artist’s latest EP Daybreak that explore concepts of surveillance dystopias and seclusion. The record contains stylings of global club music which score scenes of the Haitian-American artist wandering through Los Angeles. A release party follows the video premiere at The Lash Social with Sevyn, Bianca Oblivion, Dangerous Rose, Buckmonster, Venganza, and 6999.** 

Bapari’s ‘Interlude & Daybreak’ video is out today. See here for more info on the premiere party at The Lash in Downtown Los Angeles tonight, December 9. 

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Potent vulnerability & collective healing marks Amartey Golding’s Bring Me to Heal solo exhibition opening at Glasgow’s Tramway, Dec 3

3 December 2021

Amartey Golding’s Bring Me to Heal solo exhibition is opening at Glasgow’s Tramway on December 3 and running to February 27, 2022.

As part of the touring exhibition across the UK, the London-based artist brings his Anglo-Scottish and Ghanaian ancestry—by way of a Rastafarian upbringing—to rituals of healing for generational trauma. The immersive exhibition crosses film, photography, sound and sculpture, and is born from a lengthy process that symbolises collective healing and reflection.

The centrepiece is a hand-knotted garment made of human hair that has been intricately designed by Golding, in collaboration with the Shepperton Wig Company and hair artist Kevin Fortune using a pattern that blends references from Afro hair styles to the body art of ancient Britons. The show is described as “an invocation for us to acknowledge the importance of understanding our emotional past and to establish a more equitable future.”

See the Tramway website for details.**

Amartey Golding, Bring Me To Heal (2021). Installation detail. Photo by Rosie Powell. Courtesy ACCA, Brighton.
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Rewire announces the first artists & projects of its 2022 edition, including Helm & Nate Boyce, Ziúr, aya, Blackhaine & more

18 November 2021

Rewire festival has announced the first artists for their 2022 edition, running at various venues across The Hague, April 7 to 10.

Following an online festival in 2021, as well as a scaled-back special offline edition in September, the festival returns in full to venues spanning nightclubs, theatres, galleries, and public space. Projects include newly commissioned live works from Helm and Nate Boyce, who will present “harmonic noise and spelunking audio design” set to Boyce’s “tactile and uncanny” visuals, as well as Myxomy, a duo of James Ginzburg and Ziúr undertaking a “cathartic tour-de-force through the margins of pop music”. Today’s announcement of 28 artists also includes live performances from the likes of aya featuring Sweatmother, MSYLMA & Ismael, Blackhaine and more.**

Rewire 2022 runs April 7 to 10, 2022. See the Rewire website for the first artists announcement and early bird passes.

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Tea Stražičić presents a dystopian exhibition as oversized graphic novel, with opening night performances by Tears of Fire, Violence & more, Nov 6—Dec 6

3 November 2021

Tea Stražičić is presenting the solo exhibition Vermillion at Trauma Bar und Kino, Berlin, curated by Madalina Stanescu and running November 6 to December 6, 2021.

Drawing from an apocalyptic fiction co-authored by the artist and Nicholas Zhu, the exhibition references the story of a band of protagonists on their way to a doomsday party, manifesting in the space as an oversized graphic novel. The show’s opening night on November 6 will feature performances from VIOLENCE, Tears of Fire, as well as a special guest.

See the Trauma Bar und Kino website for more details, or Resident Advisor to book opening night tickets.**

Tea Stražičić, The Ride (2021). Installation view. Photo by Jaewon Chung. Image courtesy the artist + Trauma Bar und Kino, Berlin.
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AQNB debuts event with HacerNoche in celebration of Oaxaca Mes del Arte on October 22

13 October 2021

AQNB and HacerNoche are presenting a night of music in Oaxaca on October 22, 2021. The event celebrates Oaxaca Mes del Arte (OMA), a month-long exhibition series organized by commercial art galleries in the city and the HacerNoche festival.

The event runs at saunabar—Club Creciente with performances from Ledef from House of Kenzo, Abssys, and Mya Gómez. It will also take place ahead of HacerNoche’s biennial, Promised Land, which features both a satellite and institutional program between 2021 and 2022. The latest edition reflects on the global health crisis, calling upon new modes of socio-political resistance and trans-geographic solidarity.**

AQNB and HacerNoche debut at saunabar—Club Creciente in Oaxaca on October 22, 2021. The event is supported graciously by Mezcal Amarás.

Ledef (2021). Courtesy House of Kenzo, San Antonio.
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