Hannah Rose Stewart

THE FAIREST debuts annual art fair, Open Your Eyes Again at Kühlhaus Berlin, Sept 14-18  

12 September 2022

THE FAIREST— a Berlin-based curatorial group, led by Eleonora Sutter and Georgie Pope— opens its first annual art fair entitled Open Your Eyes Again at Kühlhaus Berlin on September 13, 2022. The exhibition runs from September 14-18, featuring over 60 artists that participated in the group’s teaser editions over the past year. The five teaser events focused on themes that lead up to the annual fair, ranging from carnal melancholia to transformation under crisis. Open Your Eyes Again includes works from Jonas Wendelin, Lukas Stöever, and Hannah Rose Stewart, amongst others.

THE FAIREST’s inaugural annual art fair, Open Your Eyes Again, runs from September 14-18 at Kühlhaus, Berlin.

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Hannah Rose Stewart explores horror & architecture in ‘The Diadal’ for non-playable character by The Fairest

27 April 2022

The Fairest and Curatorial Studies Venice are presenting non-playable character at the Pier Fortunato State Secondary school in Venice, Italy from April 19 to 30, with a video entitled ‘The Diadal’ from one of the exhibition’s artists, Hannah Rose Stewart, premiering today via AQNB. Taking place at the 2022 edition of the Venice Biennale, the show features over 30 artists, including Nik Kosmas and Mary-Audrey Ramirez.

In ‘The Diadal’, Stewart questions the effect of institutional architecture on experience and memory, employing video game horror to expose uncanny hierarchies within traditional school interiors. However, walls are mostly absent throughout the animation, replaced either by gloomy stock images or shadows that stretch beyond the building’s perceivable foundation. A teacher’s groaning commands elevate this inescapable quality of the school’s confines, briefly stammering on a lesson about another chamber before the scene transitions. Eventually, the film closes without resolve, upheaving fear in futile infrastructure inevitably due to failure.**

Hannah Rose Stewart’s ‘The Diadal’ is on view at The Fairest’s exhibition, non-playable character at the Pier Fortunato State Secondary school in Venice, Italy from April 19 to 30.

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