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Trauma Bar und Kino announces Songs for Attunement, featuring durational performances from Colin Self, Iceboy Violet, Steven Warwick, Golin & more, Jul 1—3

15 June 2022

Trauma Bar und Kino presents Songs for Attunement, an “exhibition of live works” featuring durational performances on July 1 and 3.

With performative installations from six artists including Colin Self, Iceboy Violet and Steven Warwick, the project will immerse Trauma Bar und Kino in activations spanning spoken word, movement and electronics. Also featuring Golin, Lil Asaf and Stine Janvin, the events explore the terms ‘attunement’ and ‘enaction’—borrowed from psychology and biology—to dissolve barriers of traditional musical performance. As noted in the press release: “Without beginning or end, and without the separation of “stage”, visitors can engage with the artists (and vice-versa) with no predictable linearity or outcome. The live works function individually, but also as a whole, creating a sonic/performative ecosystem, with the body and the voice both medium and artwork.”

See Trauma Bar und Kino’s website for more information and tickets.**

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Lil Asaf & Khadije mesh experimental dub beats with forceful rap lyricism on the provocative electronics of ‘Balki’

24 July 2020

Lil Asaf is releasing EP Sawa Sawa via Astral Plane Recordings on July 31, with preview track ‘Balki (prod. Khadije)’ premiering on AQNB today. This is the first full-length collaboration between the Jordanian and Lebanese artists. The record continues the frenetic rap style found on both Asaf’s Lal Bazam for ANBA and the duo’s single ‘MsII777’, meshing Khadije’s dub-infused production with Asaf’s forceful punk lyricism.

The bass-line thunders in at the start of ‘Balki’, suddenly getting spun back as DJ airhorn samples momentarily raid the headroom. Asaf’s verses bellow above clamoring subs, evoking the vocal-bass interplay of IC3PEAK’s 2017 track ‘Грустная Сука / Sad Bitch’. His lyrics persist through Khadije’s warped electronics before spontaneously trailing off. The producer’s icy vocal tag concludes ‘Balki’, leaving a provocative final impression of the otherwise abrasive composition.

Lil Asaf’s Sawa Sawa is out via Astral Plane Recordings on July 31.

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