Latest additions to Rewire 2022 announced, including Eartheater, Nkisi, Jacqueline Kiyomi Gork & more

, 24 February 2022

Rewire announces 26 new artists and projects added to the lineup of their 2022 edition, running at various venues across The Hague, April 7 to 10.

The latest news solidifies an already extensive music programme, with new additions to the lineup including Eartheater, Nkisi, Dis Fig and more. Also announced is the Proximity Music: Sensing After Thought interdisciplinary exhibition, featuring works from artists including Jacqueline Kiyomi Gork, Quiet Ensemble, Kexin Hao among others. With coronavirus restrictions lifting in the Netherlands, Rewire’s 2022 edition will be the first time in three years that the annual festival will be realised in its full capacity across the city.**

Rewire 2022 runs April 7 to 10, 2022. See the Rewire website for tickets and more information.

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