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Double y/our money: the 2017 Banner Repeater Fundraiser begins Oct 17

17 October 2017

The Double y/our Money fundraiser at London’s Banner Repeater begins October 17 on the Local Giving Foundation website.

Each donation will receive a raffle ticket for a prize draw at London’s Somerset House Studios on November 8. The event will include work by Yuri Pattison, Jenna Sutela, Melanie Jackson, Zarina Muhammad and Anne de Boer among others, and will also feature live performances from Benedict Drew and Chooc Ly Tan.

Opened in 2009 by Ami Clarke, the artist-led space is a non-profit experimental project space with an ethos of how these spaces  “play an essential role in the vitality and economy of the art world, offering alternative opportunities for emerging and established artists alike, to produce work that might struggle to appear elsewhere.”

The fundraiser will support Banner Repeater’s upcoming year in the commission of new work, publishing and performance, as well as talks and discussions.

Visit the Banner Repeater website for details.**

win: special edition of Orgs, by Jenna Sutela (ed of 30) wrapped in silver foil with a piece of slime mould sclerotium inside


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Melanie Jackson @ Flat Time House reviewed.

Melanie Jackson. Goethe + Genetics.
12 April 2013

Melanie Jackson‘s  The Urpflanze (Part 2) is a hard show to miss. For a start, a local walking down Peckham’s Bellenden Road couldn’t ignore the Slade Fine Art graduate’s two, out of proportion and off the scale, blue and yellow books suspended mid-air in the front window of Flat Time House. Here is a show about the visionary artist and writer Johann Wolfgang von Goethe’s fantastical idea of the archetypal plant called Die Urpflanze, mimicking its beautifully absurd idea and inviting us in.

Melanie Jackson, The Urpflanze (Part 2) (2013).
Melanie Jackson, The Urpflanze (Part 2) (2013).

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