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Thinking Through Publishing @ CSM, Feb 12

8 February 2016

Thinking Through Publishing is an all-day event happening at Central Saint Martins on February 12.

The day is organised by Nicola Guy from Flat Time House, and Ami Clarke director of Banner Repeater and sees three panel discussions throughout the course of the day, all of which address in different ways the relationship between practicing art and publishing.

‘Publishing as, or, with a gallery’ will be chaired by Lizzie Homersham, and ‘Distribution and digital alternatives’ will feature talks by Tom Clark and artist Sara MacKillop. The day ends with a discussion on ‘The lifespan on books’ with Arnaud Desjardin and Karen Di Franco.

See the FB event page for more details. **

Snow Crash (2014) @ Banner Repeater. Courtesy the gallery.
Snow Crash (2014) @ Banner Repeater. Courtesy the gallery.
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Publishing as Process @ Goethe Institut, Nov 18

18 November 2015

Goethe Institut launches the second part of their collaborative mini-series with Banner Repeater, titled Publishing as Process and taking place at the London location on November 18 .

The series concentrates on exhibition and publishing in the digital age with a programme of readings and panel discussions addressing how the two fields are effected by the “digitalisation and the distribution channels the internet provides”, including Ché Zara BlomfieldAlessandro LudovicoYuri Pattison, and Ami Clarke from Banner Repeater as a moderator.

Whereas the series’ first event, Institutionalising the Digital, featured a take-over of the Goethe-Institut’s website, Publishing as Process will materialize as a publication for Banner Repeater’s UN-PUBLISH series.

See the event page for details.**

Yuri Pattison, 'Chelyabinsk eBay Extrusion'. Photo by Andy Crouch. Image courtesy the artist.
Yuri Pattison, ‘Chelyabinsk eBay Extrusion’. Photo by Andy Crouch. Image courtesy the artist.

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Plague of Diagrams @ ICA, Aug 20 – 23

18 August 2015

A new group exhibition and programme of performances, talks, and discussions titled Plague of Diagrams opens at London’s ICA this week, running from August 20 to August 23.

Organized by David Burrows and Dean Kenning in collaboration with Ami Clarke, Andrew Conio, John Cussans and David Osbaldeston, the exhibition examines the function of diagrams in art as “expanded diagrammatic practice beyond the graphic presentation of information”.

Envisioning diagrams as “abstract machines activated through performance or thought”, Plague of Diagrams invites 27 artists to participate in the exhibition and its programme, including performances by Ami Clarke and Plastique Fantastique, as well as participation by Benedict Drew and Joey Holder, among others.

See the exhibition page for details. **


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Mercedes Bunz @ Banner Repeater, Oct 23

22 October 2014

London’s Banner Repeater is hosting a talk by technology and media writer Mercedes Bunz, running as part of the Low Animal Spirits exhibition on October 23.

Driven by real-time data and derived from text sourced from global news feeds, Richard Cochrane and (Banner Repeater founder) Ami Clarke‘s Low Animal Spirits explores the theory of probability and the phenomena of ‘low animal spirits’, or mass dips in confidence, that illustrate mass mentality, and Bunz uses this idea to examine life “in a world in which technology has become our second nature”.

The author of The Silent Revolution: How Algorithms Changed Knowledge, Work, Journalism, and Politics Without Making Too Much Noise attempts to “map out areas in the knowledge landscape of today” and to examine how these algorithms affect knowledge in the public sphere.

See the FB event page for details. **


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Low Animal Spirits @ Banner Repeater, Sep 19 – Nov 30

17 September 2014

Banner Repeater will be hosting Low Animal Spirits, the latest exhibition from Richard Cochrane and Banner Repeater founder Ami Clarke, at their London space from September 19 to November 30.

Low Animal Spirits makes use of an algorithm driven by real-time data sourced from global news and made into a “live model of high frequency trading”. Writer/musician/educator Cochrane and artist Clarke combine forces to explore the theory of probability and the phenomena of ‘low animal spirits’, or a mass downturn in confidence, that illustrates the unpredictable herd-like mentality of the masses.

A host of events is taking place at Banner Repeater alongside the exhibition, including a talk with Clarke and Cochrane on October 4, a talk with Mercedes Bunz, author of The Silent Revolution: How Algorithms Changed Knowledge, Work, Journalism, and Politics Without Making Too Much Noise, on October 23, and a talk with Matteo Pasquinelli (editor of The Algorithms of Capital) and Nick Srnicek (co-author of Inventing the Future) on November 6.

See the Banner Repeater exhibition page for details. **


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SNOW CRASH. @ Banner Repeater, May 2 – Jun 29

28 April 2014

Group exhibition SNOW CRASH is on at London’s Banner Repeater, opening May 2 and running to June 29.

Inspired by the 1992 science-fiction novel by Neal Stephenson of the same name and featuring Erica Scourti, Jesse Darling, Yuri Pattison, Tyler Coburn, Anna Barham, and Ami Clarke, the exhibition uses the text’s concerns with the “the erosion of subjectivity and what amounts to free will” via information technology as a jumping off point for exploring a contemporary culture ruled by big data, surveillance and marketing.

Including installation, video, performance and text-based work, the artists explore the “de-centred human subject through their production” across colocation services, data-mining, EMDR and more.

Read an interview with Yuri Pattison and visit the Facebook event page for details. **

Note: the exhibition period was extended to July 20.

Header image: Lucy Beech, ‘Always On’, (2013).

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New Materialism @ Banner Repeater, Apr 16

9 April 2014

On the evening of April 16, from 7pm to 8pm, Banner Repeater will host a reading group on the topic of new materialism.

Led by Rebecca La Marre, the reading group will discuss excerpts from Carolyn Bynum’s Christian Materiality – in specific, pages 217-284 of Chapter 4: Matter and Miracles – and explore the ontology of matter and how it relates to visual arts. With readings by La Marre, Karen Di Franco and Ami Clarke, the speakers will interrogate the concept of Object Oriented Ontology and examine it from a feminist perspective.

To find out more about the reading group, visit Banner Repeater’s event page and for specific event details, take a look at aqnb‘s event listing. **


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