Victoria Pihl Lind presents a plein-air performance from a diving board in The New Man in a dried up Oslo swimming pool, Oct 7 + 8

, 5 October 2017
Victoria Pihl Lind presents a plein-air performance The New Man at Oslo’s Frognerbadet on October 7 and 8. 
Both happening in the evening at sunset, the audience will sit and watch from the bottom of a dry swimming pool as Lind performs from the diving boards, where she will elaborate and muse on the question, “what is a human being?”
Performing alongside four other actors, including Ines Høysæter Asserson, Torbjørn Martin Davidsen and Marius Kolbenstvedt, as well as sculptures by Anna Daniell and sound work by Kyrre Bjørkås, the work places itself within the debate around biotechnology and the fight against ‘pain, birth, disease and ageing experiences.’ Approaching the subject through vulnerability, Lind explores what is at stake for the ‘new human.’
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Torbjørn Davidsen + Ines Asserson (2017). Courtesy the artists.