PHILTH HAUS & Chelsea’s “PROSXL (Radio Edit)” probes taxonomies of queer identity in a brutal collision of consumptive joy

, 10 January 2023

PHILTH HAUS is releasing their debut album REPSXL via AQNB in February, with preview track “PROSXL (Radio Edit),” co-created by Chelsea, dropping on the site today. The former is an interdisciplinary collective of six member-clients, currently represented by Andra and most recently showing the LYLEX 1.0 project in Los Angeles last summer, while the latter is a Portland-based producer and ASID label-founder working at the heavier end of the post-PC Music avant-pop and electronic spectrum.

Exploring the nature of who dictates our taxonomy through categorization, packaging, and marketing of queer identity, REPSXL is a sometimes sonically brutal conglomerate of colliding and contrasting elements in ambient, bass, and pop music, as well as noise, industrial, and techno. The “PROSXL” lead single, mastered by Shivani Desai, drops ahead of an accompanying performance and NFT auction at Berlin’s KW Institute for Contemporary Art in early March, and is named after the ace-spec identity of “proculsexuality“—an attraction to those which are inaccessible. This four-minute radio edit of a longer album version grows from rumbling tension into fractured glitchcore and a corrupted not-quite-hyperpop rapture of consumptive joy.**

PHILTH HAUS’s REPSXL album will premiere as part of a performance at Berlin’s KW Institute for Contemporary Art in early March, 2023.