Willem Feltzer & Rik Laging, ‘Lyves II’ (2023). Courtesy the artists + PLAZA.

, 27 January 2023

Willem Feltzer is releasing single, ‘Lyves II’ via PLAZA on January 27, with the video directed by Rik Laging premiering on AQNB today. The Hague-based musician and artist teamed up for the visual component to the release, drawing on Feltzer’s aptitude for club-trance atmospherics and Laging’s sculptural design style exhibited across various venues in the Netherlands.

The video for ‘Lyves II’ plays into uncanny obscurities, evoking the ephemeral feeling of catching a glimpse of objects, quickly floating and passing.  Brief scenes of Laging’s sculptures— rendered in 3D— appear falling from the skyline, the camera focusing on their minute details before cutting to an ethereal flash of clouds. The sound and photography imbue the hyperreal representations with contemplative, and emotional undertones, revealing unsuspecting intimacies that would otherwise go unnoticed.**

Willem Feltzer and Rik Laging’s ‘Lyves II’ is out via PLAZA.