Olga Productions announces new compilation RUINES with the unrelenting donk euphoria of Antony No Limit’s ‘Laisse-Toi Dériver’

, 30 January 2023

Olga Productions is releasing compilation RUINES on February 3, with preview track ‘Antony No Limit – Laisse-Toi Dériver’ premiering on AQNB today. It’s the second compilation from the Marseille-based collective, which debuted their first collaborative release, DÉLITEMENT, in 2022.

On ‘Laisse-Toi Dériver’, Antony No Limit blends UK donk, nightcore, and gabber music, unearthing sensibility towards high-velocity pop electronica that would otherwise go unnoticed in any of these genre’s singular convention. The track jumps into a fast-paced donk beat with layers of granular synth effects culminating into a massive build up. Right before its expected drop, the beat cuts out, sparing a few seconds for high-pitch autotune vocal samples which ultimately hail in the unrelenting basslines crafted by the French producer. It’s the kind of euphoric tune that’s both unapologetic and electrifying – a new  anthem ready to storm the club in 2023.**

Olga Productions’ compilation is out RUINES on February 3.