SEBA debuts EP with the tenacious electro-clash & up-tempo pop of ‘TRACE’

, 22 November 2022

SEBA is releasing an EP on November 22, with preview track ‘TRACE’ premiering on AQNB today. The Berlin-based artist is the lead creative behind the independent fashion label HOUSE OF BASE and has previously collaborated with Evita Manji on their track ‘AM I REAL TO YOU’ before the release of his record.

‘TRACE’ opens with spongey synth electronics, SEBA’s metallic-glazed vocals riding atop an electro beat. High-pitched arpeggios unfold over the lyrics, igniting the track’s rhythm before pausing into the bridge. The drums stop abruptly for SEBA’s ambient atmospherics to build up tension before dropping into a blitzkrieg of hit hats, autotune vocals, and synths. It’s a masterful blend of electro-clash with up-tempo pop tenacity that imparts an energetic yet slightly melancholic impression.

SEBA’s EP is out on November 22.