Kilbourne delivers hardcore euphoria on the pummeling beats & transcendental electronics of ‘Gore Tex’

16 July 2021

Kilbourne is releasing EP SEISMIC on July 23 via Evar Records, with preview track ‘Gore Tex’ premiering via AQNB today. The record continues the Brooklyn-based producer’s exploration into rave and hardcore euphoria, following previous releases Pillsurfer on Casual Gabberz Records in 2020 and her 2019 EP NJ Terror.

The track’s upbeat tempo ignites, unleashing a fury of pummeling electronics that crest into peaks of full-force industrial rhythms. Snappy kick patterns spare little room for anything aside from mania-driven dance, delivering transcendental energy into the otherwise abrasive production. “Part of its force is drawn from its beauty,” explains Kilbourne in the press release on her creative process behind the record. The frenzy reaches its hardstyle-infused climax before receding into an ephemeral afterglow.**

Kilbourne’s SEISMIC EP is out on July 23 via Evar Records.

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Ecstatic forms & blurred subjective worlds in the Baroque Topologies group exhibition at Kunstverein Leipzig

28 June 2021

Baroque Topologies, a group exhibition curated by Kea Bolenz and Louis Hay, is on at Kunstverein Leipzig, running June 05 to August 14, 2021.

Featuring artists such as Simon Denny, Cajsa von Zeipel, Maya Ben David, Jonas Wendelin, and Leah Walker, the exhibition readdresses notions of the baroque in a contemporary timeframe, drawing from the ornate 17th century style’s ecstatic use of line and form to warp senses of space and reality. Also featuring Jonathan Castro, UCC Harlo, Su Yu Hsin, Mathieu Malouf and Arnold Trautwein, the show explores baroque tendencies of when “the difference between an objectively measurable external world and the subjective world of experience starts to blur.”** 

The Baroque Topologies group exhibition is on at Kunstverein Leipzig, running June 05 to August 14, 2021.

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