Absurd & ambiguous titles blanket the blown out distortion of Bryant Canelo’s analogue experiments in ‘6000 ways’

7 May 2019

Bryant Canelo self-releases EP 6000 ways on May 7, with a stream premiering on AQNB today. The South Carolina-based producer works with recorded analogue equipment to experiment with deconstructed techno, rap and experimental composition, while releasing a number of records with titles pull ya’ll up in puyallup, tumblr​.​com​/​bryantcanelo, The Black Struggle and more.

The degraded and blown-out approach to sound is reminiscent of the 00s chillwave and hypnogogic pop of the likes of early Oneohtrix Point Never or James Ferraro, particularly the latter’s The Skaters days, which is further echoed in a similar use of absurd and ambiguous titles, such as ‘show some support? buddy I’m supporting my bed I’m sleep right now’ and ‘DJ PIERRE ESCARGOT – hella eggs’. Canelo’s lo-fi meanderings are more modular, whether it’s in the flatulent loop of a reverse bass line in ‘they say that the best top soil comes from florida, new york’ or the undulating white noise and distortion of ‘people be trying to follow other people’s footsteps and don’t even have the same shoe size as them smh’.**

Bryant Canelo’s self-released 6000 ways EP is out on May 7, 2019.

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Montez Press Radio takes its broadcast experiment to the west coast for Printed Matter’s LA Art Book Fair, Apr 12 – 14

12 April 2019

Montez Press Radio is taking up residency for this year’s Printed Matter LA Art Book Fair at Los Angeles’ Geffen Contemporary at MOCA, running April 12 to 14.

Described as “an experiment in radio broadcasting which plays in the boundaries of conversation, performance, distribution, and access through the lens of contemporary art,” the project is headed by New York, London, and Hamburg-based publisher Montez Press. Their first summer residency program ran July 19 to August 19, 2018, and included the likes of Hard to ReadNYC Trans Oral History Project, Triple Canopy and Berlin Community Radio, as well as AQNB’s own Content Prole: A journey into the depths of the online gig economy collaboration with Matthew O’Shannessy.

Montez Press Radio has since broadcast from an RV at the New York Art Book Fair, done a takeover on Food Radio and returned to their original location in NYC’s Chinatown. This will be their first time in California, featuring shows with Amalia Ulman, X-TRA, Shevaun Wright, Lila de Magalhaes, Ana Iwataki and many more.

See the Montez Press Radio website for details.**

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Artificial Intelligence & the global financial market resonates with the drowning human voice of Viscount’s ‘Aching In Faith’

12 April 2019

Viscount is releasing EP Altcoin via London’s WARE on April 19, with ‘Aching In Faith’ premiering on AQNB today. The project includes producers Waller, Citytronix, Otang, Tal-Bot and WARE collective head Klahrk, and it follows an overarching narrative of “unprecedented intensity in the global financial market.”

The record features track titles like ‘Reverse Engineering’, ‘Schrodinger’s Sky’ and ‘ICO’, and runs along the idea of a malfunctioning libidinal framework that is transactional in nature, while the logical development AI, in the so-called AC (‘alt coin’), circulates. ‘Aching In Faith’, meanwhile, is a grinding atmospheric number that moves through the wavy tones of electronic sound while a pitched and faded human vocal struggles to be heard within it.**

Viscount’s Altcoin EP is out via London’s WARE on April 19, 2019.

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