New Scenario x AQNB—Bodyholes Green Ear Limited Edition


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AQNB is a not-for-profit editorial platform working across visual art, music and critical thinking. We cover a diverse range of experimental and emerging practices that resist classification, paying close attention to the discursive changes brought on by developments in technology and communication.

For this artist edition merchandise collaboration, AQNB teamed up with online platform and exhibition space New Scenario, founded by Paul Barsch and Tilman Hornig. The design refers back to their infamous ‘Body Holes’ project—commissioned for the DIS-curated 9th Berlin Biennale in 2016—where contributors were invited to exhibit their work in a chosen human orifice. The show featured an exhaustive line-up of artists and openings, including Ed Fornieles, Rachel De Joode, Sean Raspet, Jesse Darling and more, along with Hornig’s own ‘Green Ear’ piece, featured here on the New Scenario x AQNB t-shirt.

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Tilman Hornig, ‘Green Eat’ (2015). Photo by the artist & Paul Barsch. Courtesy New Scenario.

Josh Reim explores utility & heart-rending design on the heavenly progressive dance of ‘Crying in the Rain’


Josh Reim is releasing EP Drops of Paradise via s.M.i.L.e. on July 10, with preview track ‘Crying in the Rain’ premiering on AQNB today. This is the first musical release from the Montreal-based artist, who previously practiced as a fashion designer under the same alias. Similar to Reim’s early garment collections, the record embraces a minimal modernist approach to trance and EDM genres—predominantly utilitarian yet underscored by a variety heart-rending inflection.

MIDI-tom drums roll off at the start of ‘Crying in the Rain’, mechanically guiding a series of arpeggios into the composition. Melodies ascend and fall over each other while the beat drives up the pace, evoking the other-worldly intonations of Mechatok’s 2018 track ‘Skies of Tomorrow’. The medley of heavenly dance motifs rest on one final nostalgic arpeggio before evaporating into the ether.

Josh Reim’s Drops of Paradise is out via s.M.i.L.e. on July 10

Uncovering patriarchal systems & the codes of Surrealism through the sculptural environments of Cristine Brache

15 June 2020

Commit Me, Commit to Me (Cázame; Cásame), a solo exhibition by Cristine Brache, was on at New York’s FIERMAN, running February 22 to March 29. 

Cristine Brache, Commit Me, Commit to Me (Cázame; Cásame) (2020). Exhibition view. Image courtesy the artist + FIERMAN, New York.

With sculptures set against a sterile medical blue installation environment, Brache’s work evokes the Surrealist movement — with its historically overlooked female members — to examine the suppression of women’s subjectivities. As noted in the press text: “Brache sees how codification [of speech] manifests through surrealism, and as a symptom of gaslighting, and the pathologization of female emotion and expression.”**

Cristine Brache’s Commit Me, Commit to Me (Cázame; Cásame), was on at FIERMAN, New York, running February 22 to March 29, 2020. 

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