Potent vulnerability & collective healing marks Amartey Golding’s Bring Me to Heal solo exhibition opening at Glasgow’s Tramway, Dec 3

3 December 2021

Amartey Golding’s Bring Me to Heal solo exhibition is opening at Glasgow’s Tramway on December 3 and running to February 27, 2022.

As part of the touring exhibition across the UK, the London-based artist brings his Anglo-Scottish and Ghanian ancestry—by way of a Rastafarian upbringing—to rituals of healing for generational trauma. The immersive exhibition crosses film, photography, sound and sculpture, and is born from a lengthy process that symbolises collective healing and reflection.

The centrepiece of the show is a hand-knotted garment made of human hair that has been intricately designed by Golding, in collaboration with the Shepperton Wig Company and hair artist Kevin Fortune using a pattern that blends references from Afro hair styles to the body art of ancient Britons. The show is described as “an invocation for us to acknowledge the importance of understanding our emotional past and to establish a more equitable future.”

See the Tramway website for details.**

Amartey Golding, Bring Me To Heal (2021). Installation detail. Photo by Rosie Powell. Courtesy ACCA, Brighton.
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“We made a fresco.” Elvin Brandhi & Daniel Blumberg introduce the surreal interdisciplinary world of BAHK with a raw & raucous manifesto

2 December 2021

BAHK release their new ‘Alternatives to Identity for a Future Society beyond Head Infected Bodies’ video piece, commissioned by Outlands Network, premiering via AQNB today. The interdisciplinary duo consisting Elvin Brandhi and Daniel Blumberg have been developing an archive of collaborative work across sound, visual art and video for the past three years.

The product of a series of residencies in Rome, Lisbon and Istanbul, the 15-minute work acts as a sort of manifesto providing an entry point into a bizarre ‘BAHKtian’ world of experimental sound, drawing, poetry and physical movement all undercut with surrealist humour. It’s a collision of raw footage and cacophonous noise that points to the forthcoming album Bahktogram, which will be released in 2022.** 

Bahk’s ‘Alternatives to Identity for a Future Society beyond Head Infected Bodies’ video, commissioned by Outlands Network, is released today, December 2, 2021.

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Feeding the Beast: Sam Rolfes on multi-hyphenate careers, platform capitalism & riding the wave of the moment for AQNB’s Artist Statement podcast

17 November 2021

“It’s funny that the the lifestyle of the starving artist has been democratized. Everybody is their own individual entrepreneur who takes on the risk of trying to do anything these days,” says Sam Rolfes, about the precarious reality of the ‘freelance multi-hyphenate culture’ of contemporary labour. “People have been giving up a certain stability or bargaining rights… and what we’ve been getting in return is consumer comfort.” Speaking to editor Steph Kretowicz for AQNB’s latest Artist Statement podcast, the digital performance artist and designer works with sound, animation and online culture to create work that is entertaining and alluring, while having a hard edge of humour and criticality.

Born in Dallas, educated in Chicago and now based in New York, Rolfes started in painting before pivoting into the smart, noisy and raucous mixed format art revealing a rough-edged digital aesthetic that’s aware of its own artifice. It’s made Rolfes a highly sought-after artist and designer across scenes, fields and industries. He often collaborates with his brother Andy as Team Rolfes, where he’s worked with such big names a Lady Gaga, Danny Elfman and Rihanna, while presenting his solo real-time 3D improvisations and other collaborations with the likes of House of Kenzo, Rabit, Danny L Harle, Kai Whiston, umru and many, many more. 

‘Feeding the Beast’ is the latest in our Artist Statement podcast series, with past episodes featuring umruDeForrest Brown, JrAdham FaramawyTianzhuo Chen, and others. The full episode is accessible to our subscribers right now on Patreon. Sign up now:**

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The restless, jazz-tinged ambient of Nick Malkin’s ‘Non Smoking Room’ captures the melancholy & impossible beauty of a life lived in longing

2 November 2021

Nick Malkin is releasing LP Nothing Blues via Warsaw’s Mondoj on November 4, with preview track ‘Non Smoking Room’ premiering via AQNB today. The DJ, musician, composer and Post-Geography label founder has long been a Los Angeles fixture, performing with the likes of  LA Vampires and Sun Araw, and releasing his own restless and eclectic electronic music under the Afterhours moniker through Not Not Fun.

More recent material released under his own name arrives at a more moody, jazz-infused ambient, where last year’s A Typical Night in the Pit stalks a late-night urban somnolence of looping instrumental recordings and eavesdropped conversation. Nothing Blues is more interior, where a heavy sense of loss and numb defeat overwhelms the seven vignettes that blankly yearn for another reality. ‘Non Smoking Room’ features saxophone from American Dreams artist Patrick Shiroishi, which plays dejectedly over the slow-rolling clatter and signal interference of these beautifully sad sounds of a life in suspension.**

Nick Malkin’s Nothing Blues LP is out via Warsaw’s Mondoj on November 4, 2021.

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