Moro La Flor updates alias & debuts surf rock-reggaeton record via NAAFI following hiatus with the video for ‘Golpe De Ola’

, 21 October 2022

Moro La Flor (formerly known as Moro) is releasing EP Pesadillas y Caramelos via NAAFI on November 4, with the video for ‘Golpe De Ola’ premiering on AQNB today. On his record, the Argentinian artist pivots toward surf music that draws from their abrasive reggaeton style heard on previous releases for NON Worldwide and Janus.

The ‘Golpe De Ola’ video simulates a variety of ’90s surf rock aesthetics, notably in its noir-style filming evokes a sense of romantic spiritualism from within the music. Moro La Flor appears in a feverish atmosphere that fades into visions of guitar strokes, eyes opening, and sped-up clips of waves and cities. As the video progresses to the reggaeton beat, its visuals shift and invert, calling attention to the music’s transportive and dark nostalgia. It’s an unexpected combination of genres, yet timely in its perspective on traversing urbanity.**

Moro La Flor’s Pesadillas y Caramelos is out via NAAFI on November 4.