REIF shares video from Eventide at Julia Stoschek Foundation by artists Fa’ Pawaka & LABOUR

, 23 January 2023

REIF and Julia Stoschek Foundation presented Eventide at the Foundation’s venue in Berlin, Germany on September 15 and 16, 2022. The site-specific performance was a collaboration between artist Fa’ Pawaka and sonic activation design duo LABOUR, which included a guided journey through the Julia Stoschek Foundation building with sound choreography.

Organized by Berlin-based collective REIF, the program proposed a reconsideration of predisposed ideas and limitations, incorporating Fa’ Pawaka’s method of ‘Sacred Tuning’ to evoke altered states of consciousness in a finale performance that the audience arrived into following LABOUR’s unsettling sound parkours. It was part of REIF’s previous community-led explorations, which have been released as parties, collaborative LPs, and videos.

Curated by Marcelo Alcaide, Lisa Long
Composition: Fa’ Pawaka, LABOUR
Throat Singing: Sainkho Namtchylak
Gong: Elisa Lindenberg

Scenography: Roberta Jurcic with Zakaria Rugs
Light: GRAU
Custom Sound System by H.A.N.D. HiFi
Choir, Percussion:
Show Choir
Jess Gadani
Anna Pauksa
Summer Banks
Fritz Leonard
Ben Southam
Natalie Robinson
Sam Potter

Video: Moritz Freudenberg
Thanks to Callie’s.
Supported by Nike ISPA

You can see footage from REIF and Julia Stoschek Foundation’s Eventide event on Youtube.**

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REIF shares video from Eventide at Julia Stoschek Foundation by artists Fa’ Pawaka & LABOUR

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