PHILTH HAUS indulges paraphilia with “I LOVE FUCKING MONEY” merch to accompany their REPSXL album launch event, Mar 3

2 March 2023

PHILTH HAUS is performing Berlin’s KW Institute for Contemporary Art, Pogo Bar on March 3.

Appearing as part of the King Kong Magazine “Body Politics—On Masculinity” launch party, the Los Angeles-based interdisciplinary collective’s REPSXL drops in full across streaming platforms on the same day. The twelve-track album is released via AQNB, in a musical series exploring the nature of who dictates our taxonomy through categorization, packaging, and marketing of queer identity in titles like “SAPSXL” (i.e. sapiosexuality) and “AUTSXL” (autosexuality).

From love of unavailable people to a lust for fictional characters, the album runs the gamut of sexual orientations—including the more commonly-known labels like heterosexuality and lesbianism—in drone and bass-laden composites of 2000s pop music samples, ad jingles, and noise to produce “hormonally-charged sonics.” Each song features its own cover, which will be presented as a series of NFTs that audience members can bid for over the course of the sound bath album listening session at Pogo Bar, as well the following two weeks.

Successful bidders will be notified of their acquisition of their sexual preference NFT, while the more tactile desires of the objectum sexuality set can indulge their paraphilic tendencies with PHILTH HAUS’s “I LOVE FUCKING MONEY” merch made especially for the event by Nele and Rowan Ben Jackson of Shirt Bangerz.

See the KW website for details.**

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One plus three tracks per week makes twelve for PHILTH HAUS’s ongoing musical epic of sexual taxonomy that continues with “PNSXL”

7 February 2023

PHILTH HAUS debut album REPSXL is being released via AQNB—one track at a time—until March 3, with second single “PANSXL” dropping on the site today. The Los Angeles-based interdisciplinary collective, represented by Andra, consists of six member-clients who jointly and individually examine the “material activation of the immaterial and a process of transubstantiation” through art installations, performance, and sonics. Editor Steph Kretowicz interviewed the project’s representative, Andra, last year on AQNB’s Artist Statement podcast.

A musical series that explores the categorization, packaging, and marketing of queer identity, REPSXL features songs named after sexualities, ranging from lesbianism to so-called “proculsexuality.“ The first of twelve tracks from the project was released last month—a radio edit of album opener “PROSXL,” produced in collaboration with ASID label-founder Chelsea. On this latest drop “PNSXL” takes its title from the orientation of pansexuality, where a stretched and swelling ambient number, featuring clipped vocals that are glitched and scrambled into indecipherability, mournfully lays its 2000s pop music sampling to waste in a transcendent and hormonally-charged audio for those attracted to all genders.**

PHILTH HAUS’s REPSXL album will premiere as part of a performance at Berlin’s KW Institute for Contemporary Art in early March, 2023.

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