Staying afloat. Shanaynay benefit show 2017 brings together over 24 international artists’ work, Oct 13 – 29

12 October 2017

The Shanaynay benefit show 2017 is on at Paris’ Shanaynay, opening October 13 and running to October 29.

Now in its fourth year running, the annual fundraiser will feature over 24 works by artists including  Steve Bishop, Vittorio Brodmann, Keren Cytter, Thomas Hirschhorn, Flora Klein, Karl Larsson, Ann Lislegaard and Christophe de Rohan Chabot.

The works on sale will support the future program of the gallery. Some of their recent projects have included Karl Larsson’s solo exhibition Camilla and group exhibition A Sieve Itself May Sieve with work by Kelly AkashiTalia ChetritWilliam King, and Tori Wrånes.

Visit the FB event page for details.**

Keren Cytter, ‘Object’ (2016). Video still. Courtesy the artist.
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Karl Larsson @ Shanaynay, Oct 20 – Nov 17

18 October 2016

Karl Larsson presents solo exhibition Camilla at Paris’  Shanaynay opening October 20 and running to November 17.

Larsson is a multi-disciplinary artist and poet, with a focus on ‘spatial experience, embodiment and activism.’ The title of the show is a reference to the infant daughter in Virgil’s Aeneid, who was saved from harm by being thrown across a river. The press release frames the show within this moment of travelling through the air, the formless horror;

“Destruction of worlds, outside of the room. Destruction of rooms. Some children end up floating in the Mediterranean sea. They appear, then disappear, re-appear and start circulating. Sometimes a baby spins and spins until many years have passed. I don’t want to ask myself what conclusion there is to draw from all the data in the world. I want to ask what there is to unlearn from what is disappearing in front of our eyes?”

Visit the Shanaynay webpage for more details.**

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A Sieve Itself May Sieve @ Shanaynay, Jul 30 – Aug 20

29 July 2016

The A Sieve Itself May Sieve group exhibition is on at Paris’ Shanaynay, opening July 30 and running to August 20.

Featuring work by Kelly Akashi, Talia Chetrit, William King, and Tori Wrånes, the show’s press release comes with a heavily allusive text referring to the sieve as both functional tool, and metaphor for the paradox of the disembodied space and dispersed networked environments: “…a device which concurrently isolates and integrates that which it sieves”.

Of those involved, the Norwegian Wrånes works with sculpture and performance, presenting a solo exhibition called Drastic Pants at London’s Carl Freedman Gallery earlier this year.

See the Shanaynay website for details.**

Toni Wrånes, ‘Rickshaw Ballet’. Installation view. Courtesy the artist.
Toni Wrånes, ‘Rickshaw Ballet’. Installation view. Courtesy the artist.
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Peeping Tom’s Digest: the Paris issue launch @ Shanaynay, Jun 2

29 May 2016

The fourth issue of Peeping Tom’s Digest: Paris, is launching at project space Shanaynay on June 2.

The publication explores different art scenes around the world and is described as “experimental, empirical and subjective”. For every issue it takes a different city and houses text- and image-based contributions from both local and visiting participants. Previous editions have been on Berlin in 2009, Mexico City in 2011, and Beirut in 2013.

The Paris issue according to the press release “teases out an offbeat and distanced portrait of the Parisian and French scene, through the restitution of work groups (dinners, performances, round table) and contributions from 70 participants for whom a certain detachment was chosen or imposed: foreigners living in Paris or in residency, French people based abroad, nomads and dromomaniacs passing through, etc.”

Linked, and contributing to this particular scene and its write up are Eleanor Ivory Weber, Exo Exo founders Elisa Rigoulet and Antoine DonzeaudFenêtreproject, Gallerie Chantel Crousel, Mouhamed Bourouissa, Maxime Bichon who has worked with Paul Maheke, and curatorial duo Francesco Urbano Ragazzi.

See the Peeping Tom website for details.**

Maxime Bichon. Courtesy the artist.
Maxime Bichon. Courtesy the artist.



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Lennart Lahuis + Willem Oorebeek @ Shanaynay, Apr 22 – May 21

22 April 2016

Lennart Lahuis and Willem Oorebeek are presenting joint exhibition Dead Seconds at Paris’ Shanaynay, opening April 22 and running to May 21.

The press release for the show presumably alludes to the cross-generational nature of the alliance between these two artists, with the established Oorebeek being born in 1953 and Lahuis, a child of the 80s.

“Eventually still being a fan but becoming a friend,” reads the text, on the nature of the relationship between the Dutch-based artists living in French-speaking cities —Paris and Brussels —where Lahuis contacted Oorebreek in the “winter of 2015” about what he believed to be a “shared field of interest”.

It’s not clear what those interests are but given Oorebeek’s body of work centred around the power of the image, information and its distribution one can only presume the referent of the rest of the press release text:

“A shadow partner, we have no intentions of making conclusions on its outcome. Instead, we let ourselves dwell on the inertia of something that has or is supposed to have velocity.”

See the Shanaynay website for details.**

Lennart Lahuis, 'Fluid Skin' (2015). Courtesy the artist.
Lennart Lahuis, ‘Fluid Skin’ (2015). Courtesy the artist.
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Les négligences volontaires @ Shanaynay, Mar 29 – Apr 17

29 March 2016

Paris’ Shanaynay is hosting group show, Les négligences volontaires, opening March 29 and running April 17.

The artists in the show whose title translates to ‘wilful negligence’ are Kim Farkas whose text pdfs like ‘Interior Day‘ circle around the experience of taking on information, Tetsumi Kudo, Kim Ye and London-based painter Nada Baraka who makes ‘fractals’ and series that refuse to become something whole or finite.

There is little information as to the exhibition’s narrative apart from a short excerpt-cum-press release quoting fashion designer Marc Jacobs talking about watching his mother put on her make up before going on dates in a video starring actress Winona Ryder. He tells a sweet but striking image of her scraping the velvet fluff from her black ribbon and using it to buffer her eyelashes before going on to express his thoughts about the human nature of transformation and “the joy of a being a woman, or a man, or a person. [Atmospheric piano solo fades out]”.

See the Shanaynay website for details.**

Kim Farkas, Courtesy the artist.
Kim Farkas, Courtesy the artist.


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‘A Night With Jupiter Woods’ @ Shanaynay, Feb 5

3 February 2016

‘A Night With Jupiter Woods’ is at Paris’ Shanaynayas a part of their A Night With series running throughout the month, on February 5.

“Eighteen months at sea, we are now beginning to trace the contours of what constitutes this ambiguous being, Jupiter Woods”, sighs the accompanying letter for the upcoming event, sent to Shanaynay.

Jupiter Woods will “bring forth actants” Sanna Helena Berger, Eloïse BonneviotKaren KramerJaakko Pallasvuo and Sam Smith –each of whom have worked closely in the past year with the South East London project space –by showing films by the artists, before discussing how they will continue to exist as this “ambiguous being”.

“What are the conditions in which we operate?” ask Jupiter Woods co-founders Carolina Ongaro and Hanna Laura Kaljo in their letter. It seems a timely conversation to be having in relation to preservation, integrity, risk and “unlearning” within the presentation and curatorial sides of the art world.

See the FB Event page for more details and to read the letter in full.**

Ted, Karen Kramar (2012). Courtesy the artist.
Karen Kramer, ‘Ted’ (2012). Courtesy the artist.


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Being With People @ Shanaynay, Aug 13 – Sep 10

13 August 2015

The Being With People group exhibition opens at Shanaynay gallery in Paris today and runs until September 10.

The show is introduced only with a series of phrases —”entry sequence and reorder and entry”, “I can only predict where the middle of this body will be”, “thirsty for could” and “I can see you, slipping from sweet to sleep”.

The participating artists—seven in total, all of whom dropped out of the  University of Southern California’s Roski School of Art and Design MFA programme this year in an act of protest —include Julie Beaufils, Sid M. Dueñas, George Egerton-­Warburton, Edie FakeLauren Davis Fisher, Lee Relvas and Ellen Schafer.

See the exhibition page for details. **

Drawing by Lauren Davis Fisher. Courtesy the artist.
Drawing by Lauren Davis Fisher. Courtesy the artist.

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Andrew Norman Wilson + Keith J. Varadi @ Shanaynay, May 22

22 May 2015

Andrew Norman Wilson and Keith J. Varadi team up for a performance night titled Heartburn Cocktail, taking place at Paris’s Shanaynay gallery on May 22.

In the descriptor for the show, Varadi writes that he spoke with Norm (Andrew Norman Wilson’s nickname) who will do a set of his “lie down comedy” that has him telling jokes while lying down on the ground.

Varadi will join him for a reading of a new selection of poems, perhaps some of the ones listed from 2015 on his site, like ’86 Scripts’, ‘A Messy Trade’, ‘Steal Those Cuts’, ‘So Cosmopolitan’, or ‘Sling’.

See the FB event page for details. **

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