A guide to 3hd + EBM(T)’s ecosystem of networked identities at Tokyo’s インフラ INFRA festival, Aug 19 -26

, 17 August 2017

Week-long festival インフラ INFRA is taking place at various locations across Tokyo, running August 19 to 26.

Aurora Sander, ‘I’ve Created a Monster #1-3’ (2017). Courtesy the artists + インフラ INFRA, Tokyo, Berlin.

Organized by Berlin-based music platform 3hd Festival and Japanese-run online gallery EBM(T), the roster of events brings together artists, performers and musicians who work at the intersection of art and technology, proposing “a break from institutional and market-based boundaries,” with a focus on those who are under-represented. Looking at the infrastructures that ‘rule the modern world,’ the festival is an ecosystem of thought dedicated to a “global, interdisciplinary and independent state of mind.”

There will be a group exhibition running in parallel at Yamamoto Gendai. Titled Inside The Outside World, it will  feature work by Shana Moulton, Green MusicJenna SutelaLars TCF HoldhusMakoto Taniguchi, and Johanna Odersky, as well as a series called I’ve Created a Monster #1-3 by  Aurora Sander, whom AQNB recently featured in conjunction with the festival.

The closing event ‘Club Of a New Generation’ at WWWβ will present DJs and producers who “understand fun, speed and tempo,” including emamouseLilium KobayashiAlmaFoodmanDJWWWWToiret StatusLyra and Larry on August 26.

In addition to this, there are a number of live events, with some of our recommendations outlined below:


– Hitoyo Nakano will perform a transient and unpredictable online work in google doc ‘#WHITE_PAPER,’ Aug 19

– A special live internet broadcast with Alma, IKU and Larry, Aug 24


Lars TCF Holdhus will perform ‘TCF: 0A F0 11 6B 5A D7 F9 96’ exploring music composition through code and cryptography at Yamamoto Gendai, Aug 20

– Green Music will “give life to an imaginary score” in performance ≓ AO at Yamamoto Gendai, Aug 20

– H. Takahashi will perform House at Yamamoto Gendai – Aug 22

– Y. Ohashi presents performance Chuoku No Biboroku –  Mental Sketch where the sound is based on the utcome of a dice at Yamamoto Gendai, Aug 22

– Makoto TaniguchiDJ Paypal present Re-Animation At Yamamoto Gendai, Aug 23


– Lars TCF Holdhus and Jenna Sutela in panel discuss about art and technology in Algorithmic Language at Yamamoto Gendai, Aug 20

– Tomoko Sauvage and Francesco Cavalli of Green Music will discuss Meditative Sounds and Objects at Yamamoto Gendai, Aug 20

– H. Takahashi and Y.Ohashi will discuss cultural context and online-identities in Re-Thinking Identities at Yamamoto Gendai, Aug 22


– A workshop for children in Tomoko SauvageL Waterbowls with accompanying concert at Institut français du Japon – Tokyo, Aug 21

– Lars TCF Holdhus and Dambi Kim will hold a Music X Tea Ceremony Workshop at Park Hotel Tokyo, Blue Room, Aug 22**

3hd + EBM(T)’s インフラ INFRA festival is on across venues in Tokyo, running August 19 to 26, 2017.