How to be human: Creamcake’s 3hd Festival launches the ‘Fluid Wor(l)ds’ program around storytelling by writing their own history

, 22 October 2019

We are the stories we tell ourselves. The language we use and the histories we draw from form our identities, our cultures and the ways in which we communicate. These forms can change, of course, but they’re all part of a complex process of growth and self-discovery shaping how we exist inside the world. In celebrating five years of programming, Creamcake‘s 3hd Festival explores how its own identity—as an organization and an ever-developing community—has shifted and expanded in the half-decade since its inception in 2015.

Michele Rizzo, ‘HIGHER xtn.’ (2018). Performance view. Photo by Alwin Poiana. Courtesy of the artist.

Running from October 22 to 27, this year’s ‘Fluid Wor(l)ds’ program features interdisciplinary artists, writers, musicians and performers, producers, academics, designers and programmers, who share an online network. Selected participants are informed by what the press release calls “the art of storytelling” —whether it’s in Michele Rizzo’s rave choreography, or Georgian rappers KayaKata’s emancipatory experimental hip hop. The latter trio, informed by their ‘ghetto sci-fi’ universe—crossing music, text, animation, film, comics and more—are included on this mix from 3hd, along with tracks by Yen Tech, mobilegirl, Catnapp and many more. You can listen below:

Laurel Halo’s ‘Latency’ is also featured here, as she’ll be DJ-ing a chilled set at the ‘E-Waste. Heavy Metals’ event, alongside a performance by Geo Wyeth, high above the Berlin skyline in Kreuzberg’s Postscheckamt Tower. The location here is important because—as a defunct postal bank—the space is inscribed with its own hidden histories and shifting infrastructures of communication that reveal so much about our past, and thus the present and the future. Now a venue for hire, the building is also the site for a temporary 3hd gallery space, hosting the (Un-)Real E-state group exhibition, running for the duration of the festival. It features work by Ruth Angel Edwards, Julian-Jakob Kneer, HellFun, Shaun Motsi, Tarek Lakhrissi and Viviana Abelson, as well as Margaret Haines, whose contribution extends from the pockets of her three transparent pink raincoats displayed in the street-facing windows to cross-platform anthology Embedded Narratives.

Margaret Haines I dreamt in heaven (2017) Film still. Courtesy the artist + 1646, The Hague.

Edited by AQNB’s own Steph Kretowicz, the URL and IRL text connects across online and offline spaces via events, performances, pieces and hyperlinks, while drawing together new and old texts and commissions from the past five years of 3hd programming. One of these is an excerpt from Haines’ own upcoming interpretative biography of occult personality Cameron, called On Air: Purity, Corruption and Pollution, as well as new commissions from manuel arturo abreu and Sarah M. Harrison. A piece by Jen Rosenblit also features, its accompanying QR code leading to the ‘Laboratory for Feeling Right‘ web page, announcing a workshop that will run over three days during the festival. The project introduces open call respondents to using early intuition research for exchange and improvisation, building on and overwriting each other’s original content.

The night program will be packed with live music and DJ sets, where x/o, Qualiatik and Elvin Brandhi perform Trauma Bar und Kino for ‘Switching Codes’ on Thursday. The ‘E-Work. Transcending Realities’ club night will happen in the same relatively new hybrid venue in a recently developed part of Berlin, with umru, Hyph11E and bod [包家巷] representing the future-forward subcultures that both draw from and feed into pop. London’s Curl collective—co-founded by Mica Levi, Brother May and Coby Sey—optimise the potential of the same space with their mutating interdisciplinary collaboration with Akinola Davies Jr., whose ‘Mayonnaise, Corn on the Cob and My Car’ film has its German premiere at 3hd.

Another Curl affiliate, Alpha Maid will perform her signature rock and electronic hybrid guitar music, channelling the everyday anxieties of living in a surveillance state, at one of two cross-disciplinary events, called ‘World Play I & II’. These evenings of sound, text and audio-visual performances at HAU Hebbel am Ufer feature artists, writers and musicians—Claudia Pagés and Freeka Tet on Friday, Ms. Carrie Stacks and Erica Scourti on Saturday—exploring narrative in our technologically dominated present. When it comes to digital culture, that narrative is vast and complex, and a continuous work in progress, a process of becoming.**

3hd Festival’s ‘Fluid Wor(l)ds’ program is on across venues in Berlin, running October 22 to 27, 2019.

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How to be human: Creamcake’s 3hd Festival launches the ‘Fluid Wor(l)ds’ program around storytelling by writing their own history

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