Nicolò & emamouse tackle individualism, environmental collapse & the Singularity with their modified ambient experiments

, 13 June 2019

Nicolò & emamouse are releasing album ‘Desolation’ via Hong Kong’s Absurd Trax on Jun 28, with preview track ‘Left alone by everyone but feeling strong’ premiering on AQNB today. The Italian producer and influential Japanese experimental musician come together to envision a post-apocalyptic future for the people left behind with a noisy modified ambient sound.

Emamouse’s famous off-key vocals open the album with eight-second opener ‘There used to be people here, now only buildings’, while other tracks like ‘2019 – to date’, ‘Air’ and ‘Empty Club’ sway and stagger through manipulated signals and crackling, distorted transmissions. ‘Left alone by everyone but feeling strong’ is one of the more beat-driven numbers of Desolation, as it clicks, clacks and patters across other polyrhythmic elements that gasp and howl through the sheathing echoes of synths that gnaw at the track’s nods to nothingness.**

Nicolò & emamouse’s Desolation album is out via Hong Kong’s Absurd Trax on Jun 28, 2019.