0comeups delves in the depths of old school internet culture with the cycling melancholy of his ‘Herd (Tormenta)’ MIDI composition

, 31 January 2020

0comeups is releasing EP Creek Don’t Rise via Brussels’ Slagwerk on February 7, with preview track ‘Herd (Tormenta)’ premiering on AQNB today. This will be the second release by the London-based Belgian producer, whose debut came out on New York’s PTP Recordings in 2016.

This record consists of four MIDI compositions, drawing on 0comeups’ experience in the gaming industry where he works with real-time sounds, ambience and music through an audio engine. Most recently, he collaborated with Yannick Val Gesto on a similarly CGI-led video piece called Idol (idle), which not only takes from the soundscapes of gaming but what the press release calls “the lost caverns of internet culture”. That can be heard not only in the track listing—reminiscent of an easier listening James Ferraro experiment circa 2011’s Far Side Virtual—but in the cycling, atonal melancholy of what sounds like a tuned-down harpsichord patch on ‘Herd (Tormenta)’.**

0comeups’s Creek Don’t Rise EP is out via Brussels’ Slagwerk on February 7, 2020.