Yem Gel teases maximalist sonic worlds on ‘Nest of Opteryx’ for their debut EP on Slagwerk

, 6 May 2022

Yem Gel is releasing EP Endchantment via Slagwerk on May 13, with preview track ‘Nest of Opteryx’ premiering on AQNB today. It’s the artist’s debut record for the Brussels-based label, following a nearly three-year-old release on Quantum Natives that unveiled their granular electro-dance style.

‘Nest of Opteryx’ captures the maximalist side of Yem Gel’s approach, bold synths swarming over layers of booming percussion. A sense of deliberate unrestraint resonates throughout the track’s chaotic beats, every section of drums and electronics breaking from its former but still maintaining pace. Despite this haphazardness, it continues to build up momentum. The tracks open into many climactic breaks and vocaloid croons, quickly revealing an unheard world before it shutters, leaving only traces of curiosity in its aftermath.**

Yem Gel’s Endchantment is out via Slagwerk on May 13.