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Mould Map 5: ‘Black Box’ out now

5 July 2016

Mould Map 5: ‘Black Box’ is out now via Nottingham-based independent publisher Landfill Editions.

Edited by Hugh Frost and Leon Sadler, the fifth edition of the new comic and narrative art publication features artists, writers, designers, illustrators and their collaborators; Brenna MurphyParker Ito, Julien Ceccaldi, Daniel Swan, Travess Smalley and Yannick Val Gesto among them.

The series, with additional poster by Edward Shenk and comic by GW Duncanson, tends to take a topic or theme relevant to the socio-political landscape of the day, which this year is introduced by a text pointing to “Conspiracy, tactical confusion and counter-intel”, “False flags, dark ops and black magik” and the like.

Meanwhile, last year’s ‘EuroZone SpeZial’ —which aqnb reviewed here —ominously covered the state of the European Union with newly-commissioned comics, art and graphics, at a time when the UK was still a part of it.

See the Landfill Editions website for details.**

Mound Map 4: ‘EuroZone SpeZial’ (2015). Courtesy Landfill Editions, Nottingham.
Mound Map 4: ‘EuroZone SpeZial’ (2015). Courtesy Landfill Editions, Nottingham.
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ON-SCREEN AND OFF @ Bid Project, Mar 25 – Apr 30

24 March 2016

There is little information on what the show will entail, down the media it will feature but hte collection of artists set to show is an impressive one, including Tilman Hornig, Jaakko Pallasvuo, Nicolas Pelzer and Sung Tieu.

Curator de Chirico, meanwhile was responsible for Antoine Donzeaud and Micah Hesse’s collaborative exhibition Needless to say I have some unusual in November last year, as well as well as the What is a bird? group exhibition in Bucharest in July.

Other artists listed as part of the ON-SCREEN AND OFF event include Pakui Hardware, B.B  5000, Gina Folly, Michele Gabriele and Yannick Val Gesto.

See the Bid Project website for (limited) details.**

Tilman Hornig @ C R A S H (2015). Install view. Photo by Stefan Haehnel. Courtesy New Scenario.
Tilman Hornig @ C R A S H (2015). Install view. Photo by Stefan Haehnel. Courtesy New Scenario.

Header image: B.B. 5000 | ℋy℘erℜruⅈn @ Davide Gallo (2015).

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Check XXe (2015) @ After Howl exhibition photos

1 July 2015

Paris-based curatorial programme and exhibition space Exo launched another great exhibition this spring, curating the Check XXe group show at Brussels’s After Howl. Run by curator Elisa Rigoulet and artist Antoine Donzeaud, the curatorial programme invited seven international artists to take part, (with Donzeaud contributing some of his own work as well) for a show that explored the notion and linguistic complexity of ‘checks’—checks-and-balances, checks done to embarrass the parties involved, checks that subtly bring attention that there are people around you trying to mate, checks as agreement, checks as obesity, etc.

Bending Binding, ‘Kooling Systems (Whirlwind)’ (2015) Install view. Courtesy After Howl, Bruxelles.
Bending Binding, ‘Kooling Systems (Whirlwind)’ (2015). Installation view. Courtesy After Howl.

Paris’s Matthieu Haberard brings five new pieces—with a dark wood, epoxy, acrylic painting titled ‘Screen, where the touch, is a real sensation’ (2015), a can-and-water sculpture called ‘Combine painting’ (2015), a wood-and-electric cable piece called ‘Your time is running out’ (2015), as well as two sculptural installations made of steel, plexiglas, acrylic on canvas, titled ‘Marcel; Where the bulbs are?’ (2015) and ‘Stéphane; They took our…’ (2015)—while San Francisco’s Quintessa Matranga‘s shows a series of new cartoonish inkjet paper prints mounted on wood.

Some of the other artists include: Houston’s Adam Cruces with two digital video loops; Bending Binding with two sculptural radiators, a plastic-candy-and cooling liquid scultpure, and a neon light, as well as Belgium-born and Antwerp-based artist Yannick Val Gesto with a series of digital collages using 3D render semi-transparent print on brushed aluminium. Antone Konst and Hubert Marot round out the exhibition lineup with, respectively, a series of ceramic tile-on-panel large-scale oil and nail polish drawings and a cyanotype, spray paint, gallic acid on canvas piece. The last artist is Donzeaud himself with a large-scale silksreen print and aerosol paint on tarp and wood work titled ‘Ordinary Objects for Common Use (Couch)’. **

Exhibition photos, top right.

The Check XXe group exhibition ran at After Howl in Brussels from April 25 to May 9.

Header: Check XXe, installation view. Courtesy After Howl, Bruxelles.

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