Mould Map 5: ‘Black Box’ out now

, 5 July 2016

Mould Map 5: ‘Black Box’ is out now via Nottingham-based independent publisher Landfill Editions.

Edited by Hugh Frost and Leon Sadler, the fifth edition of the new comic and narrative art publication features artists, writers, designers, illustrators and their collaborators; Brenna MurphyParker Ito, Julien Ceccaldi, Daniel Swan, Travess Smalley and Yannick Val Gesto among them.

The series, with additional poster by Edward Shenk and comic by GW Duncanson, tends to take a topic or theme relevant to the socio-political landscape of the day, which this year is introduced by a text pointing to “Conspiracy, tactical confusion and counter-intel”, “False flags, dark ops and black magik” and the like.

Meanwhile, last year’s ‘EuroZone SpeZial’ —which aqnb reviewed here —ominously covered the state of the European Union with newly-commissioned comics, art and graphics, at a time when the UK was still a part of it.

See the Landfill Editions website for details.**

Mound Map 4: ‘EuroZone SpeZial’ (2015). Courtesy Landfill Editions, Nottingham.
Mound Map 4: ‘EuroZone SpeZial’ (2015). Courtesy Landfill Editions, Nottingham.