B.B. 5000

ON-SCREEN AND OFF @ Bid Project, Mar 25 – Apr 30

24 March 2016

There is little information on what the show will entail, down the media it will feature but hte collection of artists set to show is an impressive one, including Tilman Hornig, Jaakko Pallasvuo, Nicolas Pelzer and Sung Tieu.

Curator de Chirico, meanwhile was responsible for Antoine Donzeaud and Micah Hesse’s collaborative exhibition Needless to say I have some unusual in November last year, as well as well as the What is a bird? group exhibition in Bucharest in July.

Other artists listed as part of the ON-SCREEN AND OFF event include Pakui Hardware, B.B  5000, Gina Folly, Michele Gabriele and Yannick Val Gesto.

See the Bid Project website for (limited) details.**

Tilman Hornig @ C R A S H (2015). Install view. Photo by Stefan Haehnel. Courtesy New Scenario.
Tilman Hornig @ C R A S H (2015). Install view. Photo by Stefan Haehnel. Courtesy New Scenario.

Header image: B.B. 5000 | ℋy℘erℜruⅈn @ Davide Gallo (2015).

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BB5000 | ℋy℘erℜruⅈn @ Galleria Davide Gallo, Dec 9 – Feb 20

9 December 2015

B.B. 5000 opens its first solo exhibition Hyperrruin (or ℋy℘erℜruⅈn) at Milan’s Galleria Davide Gallo where it will run from December 9 to February 20, 2016.

The art collective—composed of five students from the Brera Academy: Arcangelo e Francesco Costanzo, Filippo De Marchi, Giada Carnevale, Giovanni Riggio—takes its name from the Pacific island of Bora Bora, a “symbol of luxury, escape and oblivion…the myth of openmindedness and freedom”.

The themes of B.B. 5000—defined as “gambling, tension, cyber and mediatic contamination, mythology of the collective” find their roots in the accelerationism manifest and the prophecy that the crisis of capitalism is nigh.

See the exhibition press release for details. **


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