Adam Cruces + Soul Hackers @ Levy Delval, Mar 19 – Apr 18

, 17 March 2015

Artist Adam Cruces is opening up a new solo show called Sift running alongside the Kate Steciw and Yannick Val Gesto collaborative show Soul Hackers at Levy Delval from March 19 to April 18.

American-born, Paris-based Cruces takes up the Belgian gallery’s project room for Sift, his eleventh solo show, and gives little away as to its nature other than a press release that comes in the form of ten random T/F statements, presenting maybe-facts like “All water on Earth originated purely from comets. T/F” and “Frank Mars, who created the Snickers chocolate bar in 1930, named the candy after his favorite horse. T/F”. The last statement merely reads: “This statement is not true. T/F”.

In the gallery’s main room is the joint Soul Hackers show. Steciw has made regular use of stock photographers from ShutterStock since 2010, like her in joint show with de Joode at Neumeister Bar-Am (NBA), describing her fascination with “authorless” images, and with the notion of invisible aesthetic labour. Val Gesto, on the other hand, credits his inspiration to the DeviantArt aesthetic, to recreate the types of fan art and “meme-imagery” he found on image boards and forums.

See the Sift and the Soul Hackers exhibition pages for details. **