No Speech at All: Lucrecia Dalt on embracing complexity & emotion while toning down the theory in her music for AQNB’s Artist Statement podcast

, 26 August 2020

“When you spend enough time with different kinds of information, all these things start to make sense. It becomes a universe on its own,” says Lucrecia Dalt about the breadth of ideas woven into her intricate sonic abstractions as a musician. “This time I don’t want those references to take so much of a position in my creative output.” Speaking to AQNB editor Steph Kretowicz for AQNB’s latest Artist Statement podcast from her studio in Berlin, the Colombian-born producer and sound artist talks notions of time, physicality and its limits in her minimalist synth, rhythm and vocal manipulation.

Before producing her seventh album No era sólida—out on New York’s RVNG Intl. label on September 11—Dalt had already worked with subjects ranging from New German Cinema and astrophysics to body horror and geology. This latest record is the first in her native Spanish, its title translating into English as “she wasn’t solid” and drawing on inspiration from the wordless vocalizations of Malian griot performer Fanta Damba. While also taking notes on ideas of the marginal, in-between, and mixed from Chicana queer-feminist theorist Gloria E. Anzaldúa, Dalt spoke on working with the voice in her music in a less theoretical and more intuitive way. 

No Speech at All is the latest in our Artist Statement podcast series, with past episodes featuring Katja NovitskovaLawrence LekColin Self, Cristine Brache and Joey Holder. The full episode is accessible to our subscribers right now on Patreon. Sign up now:**

The latest episode of AQNB’s Artist Statement podcast, featuring Lucrecia Dalt is available exclusively to our Patreon on August 26, 2020.