Living ruins: Lawrence Lek talks the future of memory, science fiction allegories & the age of algorithmic art on AQNB’s Artist Statement podcast

, 15 July 2020

“It’s not just this idea of post-humanism, trans-humanism or non-humanism that’s interesting to me,” says Lawrence Lek about the speculative fiction imaginings of the AI populating his video and VR universes. “It’s this allegorical nature of a non-human subject.” Talking with associate editor Jared Davis on AQNB’s bi-monthly Artist Statement podcast. The London-based artist extrapolates on topics spanning science fiction, surveillance, and the future of memory in this era of simulation, for this latest episode of the conversation series, available exclusively to our Patreon subscribers.

In a 2017 interview on AQNB, Lawrence spoke about how, when confronted by empty cities or ruins it can lead to epiphanies about ourselves. This awareness of a social aspect to the cityscape—no doubt drawing from his training as an architect—continues to run through his practice today. He’s since shown notable works at London’s 180 The Strand for the major Transformer: A Rebirth of Wonder group exhibition last year, as well as a solo exhibition at Sadie Coles HQ.

‘Livings Ruins’ is the latest in our podcast series, following on from last week’s bonus episode with Colin Self. Future episodes include conversations with Joey Holder and Cristine Brache, among others, with a teaser for Lawrence’s chat available to listen to above. The full episode is accessible to our subscribers right now on Patreon. Sign up now:

Lawrence Lek, AIDOL 爱道 (2019). Video still. Image courtesy the artist + Sadie Coles HQ, London.

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The latest episode of AQNB’s Artist Statement podcast featuring Lawrence Lek is available exclusively to our subscribers today.