Speaking in Symbols: Cristine Brache chats cultural erasure, codified behaviours & inscribing new histories on AQNB’s Artist Statement podcast

, 22 July 2020

“If you’re not representing someone in media, you’re denying their existence, or denying their experience, and the denial of an experience is gaslighting,” says Cristine Brache about the culture of erasure imposed on a life lived on the margins. Talking with editor Steph Kretowicz for AQNB’s latest Artist Statement podcast, the Toronto and Miami-based artist describes her current Commit Me, Commit to Me (Cázame; Cásame) exhibition at New York’s Fierman Gallery—running to July 31—and its focus on the codification of behaviours as manifested through the forgotten women of the Surrealist movement. “[It’s] just because we have to code so much of our true intentions, our true wants and our true needs, because we’re so overly policed, we’re so limited.”

Working across sculpture, poetry and video, Brache often draws on personal experience, as an American-born queer woman of Puerto Rican and Cuban descent, and the colonial and patriarchal conditions these things imply. Her more recent work—which includes a recent digital commission from ICA Miami of video Morning Sickness in the USA—explores the survival of identity in oppressive environments, along with the “gaslighting, and the pathologization of female emotion and expression.”

Cristine Brache, ‘Gaslight (after Remedios Varo, Papilla Estelar, 1958’ (2020). Installation view. Image courtesy the artist + FIERMAN, New York.

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