Tendryl & Lockbox reminisce over New York raves on the glitched IDM beats of ‘Sunburn’

, 1 May 2020

Tendryl and Lockbox are self-releasing collaborative EP Sun Cycle on May 2, with preview track ‘Sunburn’ premiering on AQNB today. This record follows the New York-based artists’ respective releases on DECISIONS and Primordial Void, where each of their glitched IDM post-rave styles were most recently featured. Sun Cycle represents the synchronization of their sonic palettes and, more importantly, a friendship formed within the New York City rave scene in 2019.

This track starts off in a flurry of fractured synth effects. A MIDI arpeggio swells up over electro-timbres, evoking the unhinged analog soundscapes of Morton Subotnick’s 1967 piece ‘Silver apples of the Moon’. The beat pummels over a series of dynamic synth lines before dropping out entirely , leaving only a feeling comparable to the view of sunrise eclipsing the city skyline after an enduring night at the rave.** 

Tendryl and Lockbox’s Sun Cycle is self-released on May 2.