“My body’s unglued.” Tendryl invokes a slow melt of liquified space in a post-truth moment for the club, noise & trap of Knaves

, 29 November 2018

Tendryl (aka Jacob Stone) is releasing EP Knaves via Melbourne’s Decisions label, with an exclusive stream premiering on AQNB today. The New York-based producer shared ‘Toss Off‘ with us not long ago, where information overload and the fragility of power were explored through a hectic assemblage of club, noise, trap and myriad samples.


This four-track EP to follow is more focussed, taking Stone’s interest in critical theory and ecology to the depths of exploitation and survival in a post-truth moment. Celtic vocal samples struggle to stay whole under a barrage of thumping, frenetic beats in ‘Dissolve feat Ubu Boi‘, while the languid tug of pitched and wobbly choral patches on closer ‘Unglued’ is a stand out. Written in the wake of 2016 US election, the record invokes a sense of wary defeat as it attempts to establish a “grounded and protected space within a liquefied sonic landscape.”**

Tendryl’s Knaves EP is out via Melbourne’s Decisions label on November 30, 2018.