Tendryl & Jonah Almost embrace pop-readiness in the club on the pummeling rhythm of ‘Idk Why I’m So Nice It’s Ruining My Life’

, 26 February 2021

Tendryl is releasing album Shield Thawing via Club Cringe on March 6, with preview track ‘Idk Why I’m So Nice It’s Ruining My Life (feat. Jonah Almost)’ premiering via AQNB today. The New York-based artist builds on the dance mania of their 2020 release Sun Cycle, embracing pop vocals to define their distinctive style.

On this track, Tendryl repurposes their frenetic approach towards techno and drum-and-bass into club-ready pop. EDM-trance synths lunge forward its start. Jonah Almost’s lyrics sound off like a battle cry, their distorted toplines beckoning Tendryl’s pummeling beats into the mix. The tension keeps building, all before cascading into a harrowing bass-driven meltdown.**

Tendryl’s Shield Thawing is out via Club Cringe on March 6.