Felix Lee comes to terms with the dejection & burnout of the end of days with subterranean Kamixlo collaboration ‘Smoke’

, 24 September 2019

Felix Lee is releasing album Inna Daze via the UK’s Planet Mu on September 27, with preview track ‘Smoke (ft. Kamixlo)’ premiering on AQNB today. The London-based producer, also known as Lexxi, came up hosting some of the the city’s scene-defining raves, including Endless a few years ago.

Some of the artists Lee put on his lineups in that time appear on this new record, including Sad Boys affiliated Gravity Boys (now Drain Gang) members Ecco2k and Whitearmor, as well as oxhy and Gaika. Meanwhile, long-time collaborator Kamixlo features on ‘Smoke’, where Lee takes this selection of “survival ballads for the near future” into subterranean space with a heavily distorted bass and squealing reverb that supports the insistent treble snare of its hard and sharp rhythm.**

Felix Lee’s Inna Daze album is out via the UK’s Planet Mu on September 27, 2019.

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