LA-based producer Maral shares a ‘Spooky Halloweed’ mix in advance of Weed Rave’s next “stoner extravaganza” happening Oct 25

24 October 2019

Weed Rave‘s Halloweed event is on at a secret Los Angeles location on October 25, with an accompanying mix by local producer Maral premiering on AQNB today. The LA-based party and self-described “stoner extravaganza” champions what it calls the next evolution of nightlife culture centered around cannabis instead of alcohol.

Founded in early 2019 by cannabis and music journalist Michelle Lhooq, Weed Rave’s ‘Halloweed’ party will be headlined by DJ Assault and Bala Club‘s Kamixlo, alongside Kelman Duran, Maral and other stalwarts of LA’s rave scene. The downtown warehouse—which previously housed a cannabis grow-op—will be divided into an uptempo Sativa Room and chillout Indica Room, with a contrast between harsh industrial and spooky ambient sounds. 

Maral, who is playing the Indica room, is a staple in LA’s underground and recently released EP Mahur Club, based on Iranian folk music on Astral Plane Recordings. One of the scene’s rising talents, she played at the first Weed Rave back in January as part of an ambient room.

Track listing:

Andy Stott – Execution (maral eraserhead edit) 
Dj Assault – Return of Terror Tec
Dj Trajic – Headbangers 2-(2-3)-(6-3)
Aura T-09 & Doubtful Guest – Hardcore
Baby Crass – You’ve Got Big Hands (maral edit) 
Minimal Violence – Persuasive Behavior 
Julien Andreas – Trust in Filth 
Kamixlo – Mi Sabor
Maral – Someone Said K
elman Duran – Life Is Real
Chico Sonido – Swang Trappyton (maral edit) 
Aura T-09 – Brandy & Me 
Ghorba – Scoby Apprentice 
Ossia – Dub Hell 
Maral – Guess I’m Dumb edit 
Maral – The Empty edit
Kelman Duran – Just Jump Off 
Dj Haram – No Idol 
Maral – Joonie’s Jam 
Daniel Bedingfield – Gotta Get Thru This 
Dj Deeon – R U Sure 
Dj Nehpets – I Came To Bring The Pain 
The Screamers – 122 Hours of Fear (Part 1)

 Weed Rave’s Halloweed is on at a secret location on October 25, 2019.

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Felix Lee comes to terms with the dejection & burnout of the end of days with subterranean Kamixlo collaboration ‘Smoke’

24 September 2019

Felix Lee is releasing album Inna Daze via the UK’s Planet Mu on September 27, with preview track ‘Smoke (ft. Kamixlo)’ premiering on AQNB today. The London-based producer, also known as Lexxi, came up hosting some of the the city’s scene-defining raves, including Endless a few years ago.

Some of the artists Lee put on his lineups in that time appear on this new record, including Sad Boys affiliated Gravity Boys (now Drain Gang) members Ecco2k and Whitearmor, as well as oxhy and Gaika. Meanwhile, long-time collaborator Kamixlo features on ‘Smoke’, where Lee takes this selection of “survival ballads for the near future” into subterranean space with a heavily distorted bass and squealing reverb that supports the insistent treble snare of its hard and sharp rhythm.**

Felix Lee’s Inna Daze album is out via the UK’s Planet Mu on September 27, 2019.

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Creamcake presents @ OHM Gallery, Aug 8

6 August 2015

Berlin’s Creamcake party is returning this month with a handful of music acts at OHM Gallery on Saturday, August 8.

The monthly Berlin cultural event series takes over the Köpenickerstr. gallery with live performances from New York-based K-pop and rap act Yen Tech and Berlin-based act Mind:Body:Fitness, as well as music from Munich-based DJ and producer Mechatok, London/Brixton-based producer Kamixlo, and Creamcake-founder Larry.

The last couple of parties included the 14th marathon on Kreuzberg CSD 2015 with Boo Hoo and Queerblock at Südblock, also featuring Mechatok, as well as Ziur and 333 Boyz among others, and May’s Creamcake with DJ Paypal and Dinamarca

See the FB event page for details. **

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