Rosaceae’s ‘Empty House’ mourns memories of the familiar in conflict with dominant media hierarchies

, 2 September 2020

Rosaceae released album Ava on August 21 via London’s Xquisite Releases. The music video for their track ‘Empty House’ premieres on AQNB today. Unlike the artist’s previous release Nadia’s Escape on NEOPRIMITIVE, this record relies on abrasive noise to capture a distant observation. A sense of agony is refracted through memories of a familiar place in conflict with dominant media narratives. Sound bites of new cycles distort over visceral and wailing cries.  

The video for ‘Empty House’ is fashioned like a vlog, wandering through streets, family gatherings, and sprawling landscapes. Mangled vocal samples puncture an ominous sub-line as the viewer is taken through the familiar. The visuals are frequently in opposition to the hysteric music composition, creating a disorienting feeling that begs for self-reflection.**

Rosaceae’s Ava is out on August 21 via Xquisite Releases