JAN’s ‘HIDE (FEAT OXHY)’ offers an unexpected & somber aftermath to a mirage of broken EDM hits

, 27 November 2020

JAN released EP Oground on July 9 via Xquisite Releases, with music video ‘HIDE (FEAT OXHY)’ premiering today on AQNB. The record follows a few productions for Polish noise act Furando and vocalist BELLA ĆWIR.

The London and Warsaw-based artist’s involvement across Poland’s disparate music scenes comes through in a distinctively broken form on 0ground. EDM tropes boiler over, finally melting into a noisy world of folk and field recordings, with the Oxhy-coproduced track ‘HIDE’ offering unexpected aftermath to the record’s manic arc. The video builds on the somber composition, trailing through swamps and forests under nightfall, uncovering totems in the brush before sunrise eclipses its final scenes.**

JAN’s 0ground was released on July 9 via Xquisite Releases.