A dramaturgy of hype in a soundtrack of Kassel Hauptbahnhof by producers torus + malibu for MOODS Editions’ #1 inflated story

, 1 March 2018

Producers torus (aka Joeri Woudstra) and malibu (aka Barbara Braccini) share their Technical Painting 1: TMZ 400 mix via nomadic platform MOODS Editions on AQNB today. 

Shared as part of MOODS Editions’ #1 inflated story — a side program of documenta 14 hosted by Membrane Projects last year — the event examined the universality of symbols as fragile and possibly failing transmitters for relationships and moods. The sound piece, meanwhile, takes communication surfaces as a starting point for the so-called “soundtrack for Kassel Hauptbahnhof,” where the speed of the German city is amplified by the thousands of visitors to the 100-day exhibition, causing a dramaturgy of hype in the air.

For three days, a pile of speakers built up in the middle of the Kassel Hauptbahnhof hall performed its intervention. Final cigarettes, farewells, reunions, and moments of waiting; all of these transit junctures were accompanied by a soft and moody score. The powerful though calming work by Woudstra from the Netherlands and Braccini from France, invited passengers to slow down and pause on their way to diverse destinations, getting in touch with the emotional rhythm gently blasting through the station.

MOODS Editions is a space alternating between formats of presentation, exhibition, lecture, work and action, founded in 2016 by Miriam J. Carranza and Diane Hillebrand.**

MOODS Editions: #1 inflated story with torus, malibu + Daniel von Bothmer was on at Kassel’s Stellwerk im Kulturbahnhof on September 1, 2017.