Torus reimagines flight & time-warp from a past film on the accelerated IDM of ‘Chroniko VIP’

, 1 June 2022

Torus is releasing 12” EP 333 Mirrors via Tresor Records on June 10, with preview track ‘Chroniko VIP’ premiering on AQNB today. The release continues the artist’s collaboration with videographer Mark Pendergast, “These Cars Do Not Exist”, shown in cinemas with a live score in 2020.

On ‘Chroniko VIP’, Torus turns toward a club-friendly approach, playing into the pulsating characteristics of avian flight shown originally alongside the track in the “These Cars Do Not Exist”. The film features close-ups of gulls fluttering about to the track’s glitchy snaps. Meanwhile, the beat in the updated version evokes a similar feeling, capturing both the confrontational and ethereal within its composition. ‘Chroniko VIP’ shifts between accelerated IDM breaks and drawn-out atmospherics in an attempt to create a time-warp, a sensation also represented on the cover art for the release. See a three-winged bird, phoenix-like yet indisposed.**

Torus’ 333 Mirrors is out via Tresor Records on June 10.