M.I/mi1glissé launches a new site built by ASMR-tist Claire Tolan

, 15 December 2016

Berlin’s M.I/mi1glissé are expanding their operations to the online by launching a new site and publishing platform, built and designed by artist, performer and hacker Claire Tolan on December 15. 

The artist run gallery, initiated by curator and art history researcher Joel Mu, has been programming since mid-2015, originally opening temporarily but still going a year-and-a-half later. The shopfront space is a part of a cooperative in Mitte, where artists like Eleanor Weber, Camilla Steinum and Jasmin Werner have shown, as well as three-part event Movements on a Continuous Floor with Garrett NelsonAnna Zett and Adam Fearon

aqnb reviewed the first of the ground floor exhibitions, Christophe de Rohan Chabot‘s miminal installation of meta gestures «25.06–4.07.15/Exhibition-Information/MI-groundfloor-attic/Auguststr-10-Berlin/opening-Wed-24-June-6pm», and the final instalment of Nicolas Humbert’s trilogy work of exhibitions and performances Sadness of Microtonality 3.3.

Claire Tolan, ‘BUILD. SELF INTERVIEW’ (2016). Courtesy the artist + M.I/mi1glissé, Berlin.

Now, in also moving its activities online, M.I/mi1glissé asked Tolan to build a publishing platform a year into its programming. It’s been six months since, and a “self interview” of Tolan herself called ‘Build launches the site. It’s the first of many to come, along with what founder Mu calls “exhibition re-issues” in what’s described as an “artist-built system for other artists to publish in.”

For Tolan’s self-interview, a long poetic text follows meditations over the artist’s personal and working life in parallel to the site build. There’s travel and musings over memory, triggered by events and places like moving in to her Wedding apartment with friend and writer Inger Wold Lund, Burning Man, Mono Lake and Yosemite in California.

Claire Tolan, ‘BUILD. SELF INTERVIEW’ (2016). Courtesy the artist + M.I/mi1glissé, Berlin.

Images, bits of code and fragments of books scatter the lyrical web of time remembered in Build. The mind here is a construction, as reflected in the quote taken from a chapter called ‘The Mind of Man’ in Julian Jaynes’ The Origin of Consciousness in the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind: “Looking back into memory, then, is a great deal of invention.”

You can explore the full text and see the new site at mi1glisse.com. Keep an eye out for more contributions.**