Jasmin Werner

Here Nor There @ Gillmeier Rech, Nov 19 – Jan 14

16 November 2016

The Here Nor There group exhibition at Berlin’s Gillmeier Rech is opening on November 19 and running until January 14. 

Curated by artist Lindsay Lawson, the show features work by Lukas Geronimas, Robert Holyhead, Angelika Loderer, Marie Lund, Nicholas Pittman, and Jasmin Werner

The exhibition comes introduced by a statement of sorts, acknowledging Lawson’s role as not just a curator but and artist, seeing something simultaneously unique and distinct in the work of these six artists, a sense the she extrapolates on as follows:

“This thing that is felt, it can be anything, but it is not here, not now. It is a dent in a pillow. It is that undefined center space a gathering crowd creates.

It is not negative. It is a thing unto itself.
But here nor there, it is neither.”

Lawson is a Berlin-based artist who works across video, installation, sculpture, performance and text. Previous exhibitions include If Walls Are Trembling (2016) at Vienna’s Galeria Lisa Kandlhofer and An Open Relationship With Your Image (2016) at Berlin’s Urlaub Projects.

Visit the Gillmeier Rech webpage for more details.**

Lindsay Lawson, 'Sofies Stone' (2016). Courtesy the artist.
Lindsay Lawson, ‘Sofies Stone’ (2016). Courtesy the artist.
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Jasmin Werner @ M.I., Mar 24 – Apr 2

21 March 2016

Artist Jasmin Werner will present a solo show The Smell of Cultured Air at Berlin’s M.I. space,  opening March 24 and running April 2.

The exhibition is a continuation of a recent sculptural series consisting of fruit fly traps and a mop head, according to M.I curator Joel Mu, who will be taking part in the show by following written instructions from Werner to make observations of the viewers’ experience, which the artist terms as the ‘solidsphere‘, around and upon exit of the show.

Werner recently showed at Munich’s artist-run space Spreez e. V. with Jan Domicz and seems attracted to replicating rare encounters in daily moments which are then paired with touches of fiction. Werner will also include a painting by Bradley Davies in The Smell of Cultured Air

See the FB event for (limited) details**

Jasmin Werner Untitled from The smell of cultured air 2016 Courtesy the artist and M.I./mi1glissé.
Jasmin Werner ‘Untitled’ (2016) from The smell of cultured air. Courtesy the artist and M.I/mi1glissé, Berlin.


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on fleek #2 launch + screening @ Spreez e.V., Oct 21

21 October 2015

Munich’s Spreez is launching the second issue of on fleek magazine with a screening in the artist run space on October 21.

Featuring contributions from 15 artists, including Jasmin Werner & Jan Domicz, Rasmus Myrup, Cédric Fargues –who exhibited ARTOAST at London’s Life Gallery last year –and Niklas Taleb, the launch of the magazine will be accompanied by a screening of work by the likes of Hannah Heilmann, Anna FehrOla Vasiljeva and more.

See the Facebook event page for details. **

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