Adam Fearon

Movements on a Continuous Floor @ M.I/mi1glissé, Sep 29

28 September 2016

The Movements on a Continuous Floor one-night-only, three-part event is happening at Berlin’s M.I/mi1glissé on September 29, with the exhibition component running to October 8.

The project is described as the half-title of the project. The other half is comprised of solo performances and a solo exhibition by three artists: ‘birds birds by Garrett Nelson, ‘INCARNATIONS‘ by Anna Zett and Dipping by Adam Fearon, respectively.

The opening will happen in stages. First, with Nelson’s “movements on a continuous floor” will happen outside, before the procession moves into darkness of M.I/mi1glissé backyard with Zett’s performance that is introduced with a short, personalised introduction to the neuroscience of youth: “My prefrontal cortex was just in the process of finalizing its structural development…”. Finally, Fearon’s exhibition will open in the gallery space, also presented in his FB announcement in two suggestive steps:

“Step 1: you can write a text about wet willies, the liminal, and surface tension.

Step 2: cum again?”

See the FB event page for details.**

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AUGURY @ BQ Berlin, 8 Jul – 6 Aug

6 July 2016

The AUGURY group show is on at Berlin’s BQ gallery, opening July 8 and running August 6.

Curated and compiled by Adam Fearon, John HoltenCaique Tizzi of Agora and Raphaela Vogel, AUGURY, which means an omen or the work of someone who can interpret omens, is “about reading”.

Featured alongside the artists whose work will be installed or somehow displayed in the relatively new Berlin space for the exhibition’s duration, such as Peter König, Cathy Wilkes, Richard Wright, as well as Fearon and Vogel themselves, the curators have put together a series of events too featuring a whole host of artists and writers.

Tizzi will present ‘The Rose Garden Bar’ during the opening event on July 8, the first in a line of occasional and different bar-scenarios running throughout the month. Although it is not clear what form the other presentations or readings will take, on July 22 there will be work by Elise Lammer, on July 29 by Joel Mu and Barbara Spiller and Angela Steigler. On August 5 there are several book launches, including a contribution from Jonathan Monk, followed by a presentation by Swedish poet Karl Holmqvist.

See the BQ website website for details.**

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unexpected others @ L’Atelier-ksr, May 20 – Jul 16

19 May 2016

The unexpected others group exhibition is on at Berlin’s  L’Atelier-ksr, opening May 20 and running to July 16.

Featuring Adam Fearon, Vanessa Safavi, Richard Frater, Renata Har and Clémence de La Tour du Pin among others, the exhibition follows last year’s Blue Majik, which aqnb reviewed here as the second iteration a project series exploring  “the ongoing dissolution between the biologic and the synthetic.”

This time, unexpected others reflects on “relations existing between organic and non-living entities” by taking its title from Donna Harraway’s 1992 text ‘The Promise of Monsters‘, where the influential writer and theorist coins ‘innapropriate/d others’ while considering “how hard intellectual, cultural and political work these new geometries require”.

Other artists also taking part include Adrien MissikaViolet DennisonAntoine Renard, and Sarah Ancelle Schönfeld, along with a written contribution from Elvia Wilk.

See the L’Atelier-ksr website for details.**

Adam Fearon, p13n (2015) Exhibition view. Photo by Quentin Dubret. Courtesy Room E-10 27.
Adam Fearon, p13n (2015) Exhibition view. Photo by Quentin Dubret. Courtesy Room E-10 27, Paris.

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Gallery Weekend Berlin 2016, Apr 29 – May 1

26 April 2016

Gallery Weekend Berlin is coming around again, opening on the evening of April 29 and running to May 1.

Below is a selection of some of the events, shows and/or their openings that are extricably a part of the weekend, as well as many more exhibitions and performances that are on outside the official programme and that we recommend you go and see while in the city, regardless.


Przemek Kamiński and Mateusz Szymanówka @ Uferstudios, Apr 29 (21:00)

Anna Barnham @ KW, Apr 30

Hannah Weinberger @ Schinkel Pavillon, Apr 27 – May 1

Sunrise Sunset, a day of performances @ KW, Apr 30


Megan Rooney + Sebastian Black @ Croy Nielsen, Apr 29 – Jun 4

Peles Empire @ WENTRUP, Apr 29 – Jun 16

Hiwa K + Tobias Zielony @ KOW, Apr 29 – Jun 30

Ed Fornieles @ Arratia, Beer, Apr 29 – May 1

Shahryar Nashat + Adam Linder @ Schinkel Pavilion, Apr 27 – May 15

Rachel Harrison @ Kraupa Tuskany-Zeidler, Apr 29 – Jun 25

Richard Phillips @ Matthew Gallery, Apr 29 – Jun 11

Aleksandra Domanović @ Tanya Leighton, Apr 29 – Jun 25

Petra Cortright @ Société, Apr 29


Marlene Stark + Omsk Social Club ft. PUNK IS DADA @ Art von Frei, Apr 29 – May 31

Kate Steciw + Colette  Lumiere @ Neumeister Bar-Am, Apr 29 – Jun 25

Cy Twombly’s photographs @ Galerie Bastian, Apr 29 – July 23

Leon Eisermann @ GILLMEIER RECH, Apr 29 – Jun 11

David Horvitz @ Chert (Ritterstr. 2a), Apr 29 – Jun 11

Setup group show @ Viehhofer Platz 20, Apr 29

Gegen Addiction @ KitKatClub, Apr 29

NEW NOVETA performance @ Sandy Brown, Apr 30

After Aesthetics event @ Bar Babette, Apr 30

Ying Colosseum @ Moritzplatz Roundabout, May 1

Adam Fearon Gyricon book launch @ Broken Dimanche Press, Apr 29, 30 + May 3

The Cable Guys II group show @ Future Gallery, Apr 28 – Jun 11

Aoibheann Greenan performance @ Import Projects, Apr 30

See the Gallery Weekend Berlin website for more.**

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Adam Fearon, p13n (2015) exhibition photos

22 March 2016

Berlin-based artist Adam Fearon presented p13n, a solo exhibition curated by Thomas Butler at not-for-profit space Room E-10 27 in Paris. The title refers to Amazon’s algorithm for the personalization of tailoring their products and services to accommodate specific individuals and improve costumer satisfaction. Placed within the context of digital sale initiatives and customized branding, Fearon explores subject positions within the shifting experience of contemporary life.

The show responds to the circular shape of the room, a grey board of MDF (medium-density fibreboard) is made into an octagon stage and is painted grey. Two MacBook Airs are turned on their side, creating a sculptural triptych; the screen in the middle plays a video of an Amazon Kindle. Made specifically for the Kindles eInk screen, the film is a photographic-video work which looks at storage boxes abstracted by an inverse of black and white. Dotted around the rest of the space are silicon moulds made from these boxes, however they are rendered formless and unusable. As ghosts of the original, the boxes occupy a more functional space on screen and lose their content and purpose when made into the art object.

The show is also part of a larger project called Gyricon, an eBook which will launched in Berlin by Broken Dimanche Press. Referring to the Greek word of ‘turning light’ and referencing the name given to the prototype of eInk technology, the project focuses on Fearon’s ongoing interest in surface through the identities of object and image.**

Exhibition photos, top right.

Adam Fearon’s p13n was on at Paris’ Room E-10 27, running October 3 to 15, 2015.

Header image: Adam Fearon, p13n (2015) Exhibition view. Photo by Quentin Dubret. Courtesy Room E-10 27, Paris.

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