AUGURY @ BQ Berlin, 8 Jul – 6 Aug

, 6 July 2016

The AUGURY group show is on at Berlin’s BQ gallery, opening July 8 and running August 6.

Curated and compiled by Adam Fearon, John HoltenCaique Tizzi of Agora and Raphaela Vogel, AUGURY, which means an omen or the work of someone who can interpret omens, is “about reading”.

Featured alongside the artists whose work will be installed or somehow displayed in the relatively new Berlin space for the exhibition’s duration, such as Peter König, Cathy Wilkes, Richard Wright, as well as Fearon and Vogel themselves, the curators have put together a series of events too featuring a whole host of artists and writers.

Tizzi will present ‘The Rose Garden Bar’ during the opening event on July 8, the first in a line of occasional and different bar-scenarios running throughout the month. Although it is not clear what form the other presentations or readings will take, on July 22 there will be work by Elise Lammer, on July 29 by Joel Mu and Barbara Spiller and Angela Steigler. On August 5 there are several book launches, including a contribution from Jonathan Monk, followed by a presentation by Swedish poet Karl Holmqvist.

See the BQ website website for details.**