Richard Frater

unexpected others @ L’Atelier-ksr, May 20 – Jul 16

19 May 2016

The unexpected others group exhibition is on at Berlin’s  L’Atelier-ksr, opening May 20 and running to July 16.

Featuring Adam Fearon, Vanessa Safavi, Richard Frater, Renata Har and Clémence de La Tour du Pin among others, the exhibition follows last year’s Blue Majik, which aqnb reviewed here as the second iteration a project series exploring  “the ongoing dissolution between the biologic and the synthetic.”

This time, unexpected others reflects on “relations existing between organic and non-living entities” by taking its title from Donna Harraway’s 1992 text ‘The Promise of Monsters‘, where the influential writer and theorist coins ‘innapropriate/d others’ while considering “how hard intellectual, cultural and political work these new geometries require”.

Other artists also taking part include Adrien MissikaViolet DennisonAntoine Renard, and Sarah Ancelle Schönfeld, along with a written contribution from Elvia Wilk.

See the L’Atelier-ksr website for details.**

Adam Fearon, p13n (2015) Exhibition view. Photo by Quentin Dubret. Courtesy Room E-10 27.
Adam Fearon, p13n (2015) Exhibition view. Photo by Quentin Dubret. Courtesy Room E-10 27, Paris.

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Wow Tides @ MAVRA, Jul 18 – Aug 23

15 July 2015

The artist-run space MAVRA is opening up a new group exhibition this week, with Wow Tides running at the Berlin space from July 18 to August 23.

The art space’s first show, organized by Nuri Koerfer, Julian Stalbohm and Mark Soo, opens on Saturday and brings together five different artists showcasing their new works.

Artist Tina Braegger will present “a door into the space”, Sam Pulitzer will create “an ear gauge in the wall”, Aude Pariset will install a “giant shell”, Richard Frater will present “a lure hanging from the ceiling”, and Lucie Stahl will show that “a soda can affixed to the wall”.

See the exhibition page for details. **

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