Movements on a Continuous Floor @ M.I/mi1glissé, Sep 29

, 28 September 2016

The Movements on a Continuous Floor one-night-only, three-part event is happening at Berlin’s M.I/mi1glissé on September 29, with the exhibition component running to October 8.

The project is described as the half-title of the project. The other half is comprised of solo performances and a solo exhibition by three artists: ‘birds birds by Garrett Nelson, ‘INCARNATIONS‘ by Anna Zett and Dipping by Adam Fearon, respectively.

The opening will happen in stages. First, with Nelson’s “movements on a continuous floor” will happen outside, before the procession moves into darkness of M.I/mi1glissé backyard with Zett’s performance that is introduced with a short, personalised introduction to the neuroscience of youth: “My prefrontal cortex was just in the process of finalizing its structural development…”. Finally, Fearon’s exhibition will open in the gallery space, also presented in his FB announcement in two suggestive steps:

“Step 1: you can write a text about wet willies, the liminal, and surface tension.

Step 2: cum again?”

See the FB event page for details.**