Art Licks Weekend London, Oct 2 – 5

, 2 October 2014

After an acclaimed opening year in 2013, Art Licks Weekend festival is returning to London for its second edition, running at venues across town from October 2 to October 5.

And the line-up this year is impressive, with a thick stack of new galleries, artist-run spaces, not-for-profits, and independent curatorial projects opening up for the festival. Writer and artist Hannah Black is showing a video work in group show You Me Us Them, Fabienne Hess and Johann Arens are joining a slew of others for the Artist Moving Image: Looking, Mediated screening event and Lisa Brice is bringing her solo show Cut Your Coat to French Riviera.

Joey Holder is performing a live DJ/VJ set at Conduir, Lawrence Lek is joining the Tomb, Shrine, Survey-Marker, Spare-Part group show at Enclave, and Sarah Boulton is joining a handful of others for the Global Talk Internet group show at Studio Parlour.

Because the short weekend is so stacked with good events, we’ve already covered a handful independently, including Candice Jacobs’s INHALE, the Heathers group show, The Mycological Twist at Jupiter Woods, and Banner Repeater‘s Low Animal Spirits.

See the Art Licks programme for details. **


Header image: ‘Pavilion Lost’, Pavilion (Sophie Yetton & Gabriel Birch)