Heathers @ Rowing Projects, Sep 19 – Oct 25

, 17 September 2014

London’s Rowing Projects is hosting the nine-artist Heathers group exhibition, running at the Camden art space from September 19 to October 25.

Taking its title from the dark 80s teen cult comedy by the same name, Heathers takes a look at pop culture’s (and pop cinema’s) co-option of contemporary art and its “impulse to vampirise levity as a cipher for criticality and de-subjectivisation”.

Featured in the line-up are Heathers-aged artists, including Erika Ceruzzi, Andrea Crespo, May Hands, and Kait Mooney, all of whom were born in the 90s, as well as Deanna Havas, Rachel Maclean, Daniele Milvio, Lisa Holzer and Bradford Kessler.

See the Rowing Projects exhibition page for details. **