Low Animal Spirits @ Banner Repeater, Sep 19 – Nov 30

, 17 September 2014

Banner Repeater will be hosting Low Animal Spirits, the latest exhibition from Richard Cochrane and Banner Repeater founder Ami Clarke, at their London space from September 19 to November 30.

Low Animal Spirits makes use of an algorithm driven by real-time data sourced from global news and made into a “live model of high frequency trading”. Writer/musician/educator Cochrane and artist Clarke combine forces to explore the theory of probability and the phenomena of ‘low animal spirits’, or a mass downturn in confidence, that illustrates the unpredictable herd-like mentality of the masses.

A host of events is taking place at Banner Repeater alongside the exhibition, including a talk with Clarke and Cochrane on October 4, a talk with Mercedes Bunz, author of The Silent Revolution: How Algorithms Changed Knowledge, Work, Journalism, and Politics Without Making Too Much Noise, on October 23, and a talk with Matteo Pasquinelli (editor of The Algorithms of Capital) and Nick Srnicek (co-author of Inventing the Future) on November 6.

See the Banner Repeater exhibition page for details. **