J Sliwa reflects on mind alteration in surreal fantasies of their latest video ‘Angels of Love’

, 15 December 2021

J Sliwa released their EP Starseed Child via katharsis on November 22, with the video for ‘Angels of Love’ premiering on AQNB today. It’s the second record from from Copenhagen-based duo J Sliwa consisting of artists lighyer and jjjacob.

The EP marks a change in stylistic direction towards a dreamier and more emotional psychoacoustic inspired by alien encounters and mind alteration during the pandemic. These themes emerge in the duo’s ‘Angels of Love’ video, which blends raw video footage within a milieu of 3D-rendered sprites and objects. According to the duo, the global pandemic inspired them to reflect on the landscapes and isolation, an ultimately grounding practice in times of challenge and intense complexity.**

J Sliwa’s EP Starseed Child was released via katharsis on November 22.